It's the story of lovely lady named Florence Henderson (see photos) and the cast mates who were figuratively a family on "The Brady Bunch." But over time, they have become like a family and remain close. Of course, most TV viewers remember Henderson as this TV mom.

Florence Henderson, Christopher Knight, Barry Williams & Maureen McCormick // Florence Henderson, Christopher Knight, Barry Williams & Maureen McCormick (Florence Henderson, Christopher Knight, Barry Williams & Maureen McCormick)

The CBS daytime talk show "The Talk" hosted a special reunion of "The Brady Bunch" on Thursday to celebrate Henderson's birthday which is actually on Friday (how old will she be?). Florence still works regularly, even appearing on this recently ended sitcom. Henderson was married twice and has four children. She calls this other memorable TV mom her best friend. Her TV children have all remained active in showbiz. Read on to find out what they're up to these days.

Barry Williams

Before playing eldest child, Greg (see photos), Williams had small parts in TV shows like "Dragnet" and appeared in the cult movie "Wild in the Streets" (watch clips). In recent years, Williams wrote an autobiography (what's it called?) and still acts and sings.

Watch him perform songs from his "Brady" days

Maureen McCormick

McCormick (see photos) had only a few guest spots on TV shows (including this sitcom) before becoming "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." These days (how old is she?), she's married and has a daughter. McCormick also wrote an autobiography.

What's the name of autobiography?

Christopher Knight

After "The Brady Bunch" ended, Knight (see photos) switched from showbiz to the tech industry. He memorably returned when he joined the cast of this reality TV show. That season lead to his third marriage (to who?), which ended in 2012.

What's he doing now?

Eve Plumb

Like most of her TV siblings, Plumb (see photos) made a number of appearances on TV shows (such as this one) before being cast as middle sister Jan Brady. After the show, she acted sporadically, even appearing recently on this cop show, and even had a rock band named in her honor (which one?).

What's she doing now?

Mike Lookinland

Originally, Mike Lookinland (see photos) was a commercial actor. Then, Bobby Brady came along and his life was changed. Since then (how old is he now?), he's gotten married and has two kids.

What's he doing now?

Susan Olsen

Before becoming Cindy Brady, Olsen (see photos) appeared on TV shows such as "Ironside" and "Julia." She said that the show made it difficult for her to keep real-life friendships. After the show ended, she remained close with her on-screen father, Robert Reed, until his death (how did he die?).

What's she doing now?