get a happy life with more sleep (Photo: CN Digital Studio)

XXX zzz’s: Wish every night featured a sexy dream starring Liam Hemsworth? Sleep on your stomach, a study in the journal Dreaming suggests. Seems wacky, but it’s legit: When you drift off tummy-down, the mattress stimulates your breasts and pelvic area, cuing steamier dreams. Have a happy night!

To keep your wallet fat: Request crisp bills from your bank teller. People spend worn, tattered bills faster, reveals the Journal of Consumer Research. It may be that we’re grossed out by germy-looking cash and want to unload it.
Trust your instincts You’ve heard it, we know. But when you’re mulling over a messy situation and start to get that OMG-my-heart-is- pounding feeling, it cues your system to find relief, a University of British Columbia study finds. And that pushes your brain to want to do the more moral thing. Decision made; angst gone!

Bad-day rehab: Zoning out to reruns of your fave TV show after an FML day works wonders. When you immerse yourself in something familiar, it helps you feel calmer and more in control, research from Social, Psychological and Personality Science finds. Thanks, Hulu!

Charm ’em: Women who talk to their colleagues with a smile and a playful tone are perceived as better negotiators than those who act more coolly, a study from the Haas School of Business shows. One note: Don’t come on too strong—save the overt flirting for cuties at the bar.