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  • Build a Breakfast Menu

    8 ways to simplify your morning

    Between missing homework and breakfast battles, getting the kids to school on time can pose a serious challenge. But with a few simple tweaks to your morning routine, you can get out the door faster and reduce stress for everyone in the house. Just follow these expert tips from Lorie Marrero, bestselling author of The Clutter Diet, and soon you'll be pledging allegiance to a whole new plan of attack.

  • A person walking with a full briefcase (Dr. J. Bodamer | Getty Images )

    5 things you need in your briefcase

    If you emptied your briefcase right now, what would you find? An old pack of gum? Stacks of random papers?

  • Ninja Kitchen System 1100

    The truth behind Seen on TV products

    Think you can believe that fantastic claims you hear in infomercials? The Good Housekeeping Research Institute reviewed some popular products seen on TV. Read on to find out the truth behind the most popular infomercial products instantly!

  • will figure out the hoax

    15 untruths you may have believed

    If a tweet, story or Facebook update sounds too good to be true, it probably is a hoax, prank or rumor. We've rounded up a few more recent fallacies you may have believed.

  • waiting in line

    7 sticky situations--solved

    From dealing with rude strangers to suddenly stained clothing and social media snafus, here’s what the experts have to say on how to deal with our modern hurdles—and remain every bit the class act.

  • The Belgian Dart Set

    Your favorite classic games reimagined

    Designers are turning dominoes, dice, and other diversions into stylish collectibles.

  • Pocketknife USB

    9 things every man should have in his pockets

    We asked Michael Williams of the website A Continuous Lean to empty his (very curated) pockets.

  • Being your own boss is something that everyone should experience

    20 things everyone should do at least once

    So much of what we do in our lives is routine or reactive, not deliberate. Here are 20 things we think everyone should do at least once. What would you add?

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