Living Your Dream

achieve your goals and live your dreams

  • Get the life you want

    7 ways to make it happen

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  • A guy with his desk packed in a box(Photo: Courtesy of Men's Health)

    How to know when you should quit your job

    Pay attention, Generation Y: A new study by Millennial Branding reports that your average tenure at a given company is just over 2 years. And it makes sense: You’re still young. You’ve got a lot of learning, loving, partying, suffering, achieving, and fighting to do before you plant your feet in the quicksand of an ultra-permanent gig.

  • A man adjusting his tie(Photo: Courtesy of Men's Health)

    The good life, guaranteed

    You can benefit from the finer things in life without going broke. Here are five smart ways to tap the power of carefully chosen luxuries.

  • Woman looking happy(Change your life(Photo: Jeff Minton by Annie Gowen))

    Change your life: Read these rules first

    Shauna Robertson, 36, did a career one-eighty, retiring from film and starting a new charity fund-raising site, Why? How? Hear it from her.

  • woman in a red dress discussing finances(Photo: Courtesy of Essence)

    My comeback from a setback

    Six tips to gain mastery of your finances without feeling overwhelmed.

  • "The Art of Living Fearlessly" // Skydivers forming a circle at sunset(Photo: Courtesy of Essence)

    The art of living fearlessly

    Black women all over the country are longing to live such big, bold and bliss-filled lives.

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