Living Large

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living large: pamper and treat yourself good

  • 2-for-1 Belt

    Eight items every woman should own

    Beyond the timeless classics—blue jeans, basic tops, simple flats—lies a wealth of wardrobe essentials every woman should own even if she doesn’t need them. From outfit-making shoes to practical wrinkle-proof dresses, they’ll make her life easier. (I know, because they did for me.)

  • Cardigan

    10 wardrobe staples you didn't know you needed

    Hey, I’m all for the classics. But there’s only so many black trousers and white oxfords a person needs before it’s time to expand. In the slideshow below, I’ve found 10 easy-to-wear pieces worth adding to the rotation. I wouldn’t call them basics, but each one’s totally timeless. Click through the slideshow below to shop them all.

  • janelle monae
  • Turn to Towelettes

    10 ways to travel like a jet-setter

    Easy tips and tricks to travel in style.

  • Cannon Hodge

    How to get a job in the fashion industry

    By Sarah Z. Wexler Photos: Aaron Richter

  • necklace

    Baroque beauties

    Don’t wait for a royal ball— these romantic pieces 
can totally fancy up your everyday basics.

  • Tanda Zap Acne Treatment Device

    What do those high-tech beauty products really do?

    Looking for the next big beauty innovation? We put together a full list of the hottest high-tech beauty items on the market, ranging from acne-fighting lights to illuminating teeth whiteners. Click through the gallery to see our roundup of must-have products for any tech-savvy beauty buff.

  • courts

    Look fancy without spending a fortune

    Forget what other people preach: looking fancy on a budget isn’t as simple as collecting convincing costume jewelry or buying one really expensive classic piece and wearing it all the time. Pulling off a polished look—everywhere, not just as parties—is a nuanced, tricky challenge. But to prod your friends and family into wondering whose trust fund you inherited or how steep your last promotion pay raise was, we’d try these sneaky tips: