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life unwrapped: live in the moment

  • Being your own boss is something that everyone should experience

    20 things everyone should do at least once

    So much of what we do in our lives is routine or reactive, not deliberate. Here are 20 things we think everyone should do at least once. What would you add?

  • Bush pilots bring supplies to some of the most remote people

    Risky business: 10 high-risk jobs for risk takers

    You're picturing police, firefighters, soldiers and race car drivers, right? But if you want real risk (and in some cases real financial rewards), apply here.

  • How to throw a surprise party

    An Interview With Annie Campbell, a California-based party planner and blogs about entertaining at

  • Mika Brzezinski(How Failure Can Save Your Life(Image: Glamour))

    How failure can save your life

    Think the happiest women are perfect? Read this cautionary tale by Morning Joe star Mika Brzezinski, whose quest to be a supermom and a superstar TV anchor endangered her health—and her baby. Today, wiser and stronger, she’s here to tell you that perfection is a myth.

  • What learning to ride a motorcycle taught me about life

    When you learn to ride a motorcycle, the training wheels fall away from your ho-hum four-wheel existence as you fly in the face of convention and expectation. It's scary, exhilarating, and fun to embrace risk...and to surprise friends and neighbors who can't believe you're doing that.

  • Philip Friedman\Studio D

    Let your heart break

    When you accept that hurting and healing are part of living, you can give up the fantasy that being thin controls your happiness

  • Trying to do too much?

    New research says multitasking slows you down. Here's how to be more productive and less crazed.

  • How to be Superwoman

    When her own life was veering out of control, Alicia Keys wrote a song to help recover her balance. It became a self-esteem anthem, but we never heard all Alicia had to say. Read on for life advice you’ll use every day.

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