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  • Photo: Mark Bourdillon\Alamy

    5 ways flying will change after MH370

    Australian authorities this week raised hopes that a breakthrough in the search for Malaysia Flight 370 is imminent, after signals consistent with the plane’s black boxes were picked up by search vessels.

  • Turks & Caicos

    How to save for your next vacation

    I’m a firm believer that just about anyone can go on vacation, even if money is tight. If traveling is your biggest priority in life, you can get there with a savings plan and a bit of creativity.

  • Delta flight, courtesy of Getty Images

    10 ways to survive a long-haul flight in coach

    Some advice to help you survive your next flight so that you arrive at your destination feeling like a normal human.

  • CocoCay, courtesy of AwayFromtheOffice

    Why cruises aren’t for me

    Television ads tout cruises as the most hassle-free vacation. They aren't for everyone.

  • The 13 most annoying people on the airplane

    The 13 most annoying people on the airplane

    If you're like most people, flying around in a big metal tube in the sky isn't your idea of a fun time. From the terrible food to the cramped space, flying can be a miserable experience. Don't make the flight even more soul-sucking by breaking airplane etiquette. We've compiled a list of the worst-inflight offenders. by Rebecca Pattee

  • Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental

    5 quiet and sophisticated Las Vegas hotels

    When you think of Las Vegas, noisy casinos, clubs, smoking, crowds and loud music all come to mind. In the past few years, an increasing number of non-casino hotels have opened, catering to business travelers or leisure travelers seeking a peaceful retreat. According to the NY Times, tourists are coming to Las Vegas, but the amount they’re spending on gambling is down. From the Mandarin Oriental to the Vdara Hotel & Space, many of these luxury hotels are smaller than their non-casino counterparts, which offers a more personalized experience. Visitors to these quiet, high-end hotels tend to spend their time in Las Vegas going to shops, eating at upscale restaurants, shopping and relaxing by the pool. Most of the quiet hotels are located on or near the strip, giving visitors easy access to activities but also an escape from the strip’s sensory overload. I’ve rounded up a list of the top 5 non-casino hotels.

  • The Cave of the Crystals

    Weird natural wonders you wouldn't believe are real

    From Mexico’s Cave of Crystals to waves frozen in time, these 10 natural formations will make you look twice.

  • G Adventures tour in Jordan, courtesy of Rebecca Pattee

    5 things you should know before you book a group tour

    Group tours can be a fun and stress-free way to explore the world. Your itinerary is already planned and you’ll share your day-to-day travel experiences with your tour mates. Before you book a group tour, pay close attention to the tips below.


    The 10 weirdest hotels in the world

    When it comes to hotels, we at Conde Nast Traveler like them luxurious and beautiful. But sometimes, you just want something a little different. From hotels shaped like donuts to capsules jutting from the edge of a cliff, these are the world’s most weird and wonderful accommodations.

  • Los Roques, Venezuela, courtesy of Getty Images

    10 under-the-radar travel destinations

    The best places to visit that you've never even considered.

  • Woman wearing hat, courtesy of Getty Images

    10 travel mistakes and how to avoid them

    From international roaming fees to skipping travel insurance, these mistakes can put a damper on your next vacation.

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