Is anybody out there reading this, or did you all go home already?

Today is National Leave The Office Earlier Day. If you’re wondering whether that’s an official holiday, ask your boss.

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In a straw poll taken for this article, 99 percent of workers enthusiastically supported the concept of National Leave The Office Earlier Day. Their employers did not. One boss asked if we’d ever heard of “National Unemployment Day.”

Leave The Office Earlier Day falls right alongside other indulgent quasi-holidays on the calendar this week, like Hug Your Cat Day (June 4) and, of course, National Doughnut Day (June 6).

However, the point of today’s half-baked holiday is not to shun responsibility but to increase productivity and complete your work early so that you can make an early departure with a clear conscience.

That’s what author Laura Stack, “the PROductivity Pro,” had in mind when she invented the holiday eight years ago. Stack, who offers lectures to corporations on efficiency and time management, reported in 2005 that 10,000 workers pledged to join her on the first annual “Leave the Office Earlier Day.”

While we suspect Stack may have acquired some of those pledges by hypnosis, we can’t deny it was a pretty savvy marketing move for an author with a book called "Leave the Office Earlier".

Classic productivity tips:

• Tackle the most difficult or least desirable job first.

• Establish fixed times to respond to emails, texts, or phone messages, and do not check them between intervals.

• Finish one job before sacrificing any attention to another.

• Stop reading blogs about leaving early and go do your work.

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Photo: It's leave work early day / Ocean/Corbis/Getty Images