Resolution: Read more.
First, designate a place in your home as a reading spot. "Having this space, whether it's a whole room or cozy corner, will increase your chances of reading," says Julie Morgenstern, time management expert and author of Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life. Then claim a regular reading time, such as before bed or on your commute, and make it a routine to read during this period. If your schedule is too erratic, establish a monthly reading holiday during which you carve out a full day or weekend to read. Joining or starting a book club may motivate you to read and help you fit socializing into your schedule.

Resolution: Travel more.
Time and money often hold people back from traveling. Yet, don't think you have to travel to the ends of the earth. "See something near your home that you've not seen," says Robert Reid, U.S. travel editor for Lonely Planet. Consider long weekends versus week-long vacations if you're crunched for time. And, while bills can rack up, travel doesn't have to be expensive. Numerous cities offer free activities and sights, as well as cheap public transportation. Skip hotels and book a private apartment to save money. "You get a real local experience at a fraction of the cost of a hotel," says Reid, who recommends a booking site like

Resolution: Volunteer more.
"It's easier to start volunteering than you think," says Robert J. Rosenthal, vice president of communications and marketing for VolunteerMatch, a nonprofit that connects people and causes. The simplest way? Become a virtual volunteer, meaning you volunteer from your home or office. "You can set your own schedule, and you can access volunteer opportunities that are outside your community," he says. Take a look at your current habits and see if you can turn any of those into volunteer opportunities by partnering with a nonprofit. For instance, if you're composting at home, you might find community gardens or other projects that could use this compost. Or, during your next shopping trip, pick up items for a charity of your choice like an animal shelter or a children's organization. To locate volunteer opportunities across the country, visit