Resolution: Improve your financial situation.
Review your spending habits and identify areas where you can scale back. "Take baby steps, like spending 10 percent less on groceries," says Andrea Woroch, consumer savings expert in Bakersfield, California. Other easy ways to spend less: Unsubscribe from movie channels; eat out less; search online for coupons; and seek free fun. Next, review your credit card balances. If you have debt across multiple cards, pay down your debt first on the card with the highest annual percentage rate. Also, work on creating an emergency fund to financially protect your family if unpredicted circumstances arise. Woroch recommends having six to nine months of living expenses in a savings account.

Resolution: Lose weight.
Slimming down requires a combination of healthy lifestyle choices, including a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep. Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, beans, nonfat dairy foods, and lean proteins. "By focusing on low calorie-dense foods, you'll decrease the number of calories you're eating while increasing your satiety levels," says Fruge. Try not to eat unless you're hungry. Before you reach for food, ask how hungry you actually are. Try to move throughout the day and sit less. For motivation, wear a pedometer and shoot for 5,000 non-exercise steps a day. "An extra 5,000 steps a day can add up to about a 25-pound weight loss in one year," says Fruge. Strength training is key, too, as muscle is critical to maintaining a healthy metabolism and fighting fat. Lastly, aim to sleep seven to eight hours each night.