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1. Set realistic goals.
One of the main reasons people struggle to keep resolutions? Their goals aren't practical. "As a result, you get frustrated, and you're more likely to quit," says Amie Hoff, personal trainer in New York City and founder of, portable workout kits. Take weight loss for instance. A Franklin Covey survey found that losing weight is the resolution often abandoned first (by 31 percent of those who made it). Most people aim too high and consequently bail when they don't see immediate success. Set realistic goals and break them down between long- and short-term. "Setting several smaller goals will be easier to attain, and with each new success, you'll become more motivated," Hoff says.

2. Create a plan for success.
Now that you have your goals in place, design an action plan. "Without one, you'll have no idea where you're starting from, going to, how you'll get there, or worse yet, where you'll end up," says Hoff. Describe your mission as well as specifics on how to achieve it. If your goal is to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, set a six-week goal and plan to walk up those stairs twice every day. If you have to stop and catch your breath, that's fine, says Hoff. "As long as you stick with your plan, you'll reach your goal."