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  • Finally complete a Pinterest project

    10 date ideas for yourself

    You schedule time with your husband, kids, and friends, but sometimes you need to pencil in a little me-time, too. Make it fun with these solo adventures.

  • beach hut

    "I'm so stressed!" getaways

    During those times when remembering to turn the coffee timer on — much less conquering your to-do list — has you overwhelmed, these heavy-duty "relax-cations" may be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Slow down

    20 ways to boost your confidence in 5 minutes or less

    The summer heat is sizzling – and so are you! For a little reminder of why you're so wonderful, use these expert tips to recognize your strengths.

  • Susan Boyle

    Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

    You don’t have to be a saint or a genius to do something great. Here are 20 inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

  • Woman meditating at home

    9 simple ways to de-stress at home

    When there's no time to escape to the spa, create your own oasis at home. Here are nine ways to help you decompress in the comfort of your bedroom.

  • Colin Pascik and Justin Baldridge embracing

    5 heartwarming Armed Forces homecomings

    President Harry S. Truman was behind efforts to establish the first Armed Forces Day in 1950, and decades later the nation continues to set aside the third Saturday in May to recognize and thank members of the U.S. military for their patriotic service. With these five homecoming images, we salute all service members at home and abroad.

  • Newton Daly/Getty Images

    25 things that will keep you young

    Wishing for the fountain of youth? You may not need it. We've rounded up real-women secrets, tried-and-true beauty tips, and the latest research to help you fight aging.

  • Funny face

    The crazy things you do to destress

    Oh, the places you'll go — to get some "me" time, that is. REDBOOK readers confess all on Facebook.

  • The objective is implied and you don't need to state

    Five resume updates to make now

    Looking for a career upgrade? Follow these tips for a foot in the door.

  • A piglet(Photo: Courtesy of Self)

    Find happiness in unexpected places

    It's possible to rejigger your brain circuitry and feel more joy, even on Monday mornings. Here's how.

  • A yoga mat

    Meditation 101: How to feel more zen—anywhere

    Inner peace just got easier. You don’t need quiet, incense or hours to meditate, and you can scrap the chanting. Better: Ninety-five percent of you say you’re calmer after a single 10-minute session. Whatever your excuse (see ours), get your om on and reap the rewards.

  • A woman eating lunch

    How to be healthier & happier at work

    Whether you like your job or not, putting in several hours at the office every week can hurt you mentally and physically. Use these tips to be happy and healthy at work.

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