Hometown Heroes

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hometown heroes

  • Paparazzi(Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire)

    Girls on the Bus

    Out on the campaign trail, the major candidates may all be dudes — but behind the camera, it's very much the Year of the Woman.

  • Girlfriends talking

    How to Be a Good Friend

    Bert and Ernie. Laverne and Shirley. Thelma and Louise. These duos knew what it took to create a lasting bond. Here, expert suggestions for creating your own enduring relationships (none of which involve driving off a cliff).

  • Illustration of a woman's moods(Image: Leif Parsons)

    How to Be More Optimistic

    Never mind those “glass half-full” maxims (which, let’s be honest, can have the opposite effect). To help direct your feet to the sunny side of the street, you need some smart strategies. Five experts, including a clown and an executive coach, offer their brightest ideas.

  • Sandra Fluke(Photo: Alex Wong, Getty Images)

    Meet Sandra Fluke, the Woman Rush Limbaugh Called “Slut”

    It became a national controversy–and of the ugliest possible type. But Sandra Fluke won’t back down. She tells Glamour why.

  • Impoverished children(Photo: Jake Herrie)

    6 Ways to Help Everyone Receive Clean Water

    Each day, 4,000 children all over the world die from drinking contaminated water. Do just one thing on this list to fight the crisis.

  • A dog cuddling with its owner

    9 Easy Ways to Help Animals in Need

    How can you help animals in nine short, easy steps? We're here to help you save a (little) life.

  • Amanda Beard(Photo: Getty Images)

    Amanda Beard: My Secret Life

    At 26 and with seven Olympic medals, 6, the swimmer was America's golden girl. But she also suffered from an eating disorder, depression, even cutting. In her new memoir, she reveals the dark truth that lurked behind that perfect image.

  • A piglet(Photo: Courtesy of Self)

    Find Happiness in Unexpected Places

    It's possible to rejigger your brain circuitry and feel more joy, even on Monday mornings. Here's how.

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