Stop Soliciting Negative Feedback

It goes something like this: "Do these new espadrilles make my ankles look thick?" "C'mon, my arms look flabby, right?" "Just be straight with me about my huge butt--I can take it." Enough! Though it might seem like harmless chatter, these queries are insidiously destructive to your self-esteem. "You're just reinforcing unhealthy thoughts," says Mininni.

Remember, it's a big bore.

Pay attention when you're trolling for reassuring feedback and you'll probably notice some eye-rolling from your audience before you get the same "No, you look great" response. That's because your humble routine makes you seem self-involved, which is a total yawn. It's ironic, but perpetually broadcasting your insecurities can make you appear vain.

Start accepting your props.

When you get a compliment -- whether it's your guy praising your body in bed or a colleague admiring how great your outfit looks on you -- skip the bashful rebuttal and try something more radical, like a simple thanks. "If you stop shutting out flattery and start listening to it, what you're hearing will gradually become your automatic belief," says Irwin.

Fake It Until You Feel It

You know how some actors become so immersed in their roles that they practically become their characters? Well, taking on a confident, sexy persona can help you feel like a confident, sexy chick. "If you make a conscious effort to act self-assured, eventually you'll begin to believe it," says Irwin.