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comfort zone: relax in new ways

  • Robert Delahanty(Magazine)

    Feel Sexy in Your Skin

    Have a habit of backing out of rooms so guys don't glimpse your butt? Well, you're about to trade that kind of behavior for a look-at-me-I'm-hot act. Read on.

  • girls(Photo: HBO)

    Rock On, Awkward Girls

    Oddballs are finally taking center stage on TV and at the movies. To which we say: Welcome, weirdos!

  • Polly Wreford/Loupe Images // magazine

    Bunny Williams' Tips to Prep Your Home for Houseguests

    Interior designer Bunny Williams shares 15 tips to help your houseguests feel right at home.

  • James Merrell

    10 Cozy Rustic Rooms

    From a barn kitchen to a fishing cottage living room, here are decorating ideas perfect for cool fall weather.

  • Getty Images

    9 Tricks to Feeling More Comfortable in Bed

    After a few years of marriage and baby or two, your body's changed. But, don't let this natural course of events kill your self-esteem. If getting it on is getting you nervous, these surefire ways will amp up your between-the-sheets confidence.

  • Peni Pant by BB Dakota

    7 Comfortable Pants

    It may still be winter outside, but stores are filling up with spring merchandise. One of the biggest trends: slouchy pants. Here, the pick of the litter. By Elinor Smith

  • Woman putting on makeup

    14 Dating Mistakes to Avoid

    Things not to do

  • How to Find Comfortable Shoes

    Relief at last! Foolproof tips on picking comfortable pumps, flats, and sandals.

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