Zac Bissonnette(Photo: Cosmopolitan)

Financial expert Zac Bissonnette, author of the new book, How to be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking Than Your Parents, shares his tips:

•Rethink Your Cell Plan. Most people don'’t have the right plan—, and you could be shelling out too much for extra services that you’re not using. Zac recommends using It analyzes your service plan and susses out whether you’re overpaying.

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Go Crazy With Coupons. Sites like have great deals on groceries for a small handling fee. Here’s how it works: you spend literally 10 cents to “buy” coupons - —some of them are as big as $2 off. And you can buy loads of coupons for the same thing at once. So if you find one for your fave cereal, you can stockpile the savings.

How to be richer, smarter, and better looking than your parents

Cut Back on TV Time. It sounds random, but research has found the more TV you watch, the more temptation you feel to go out and buy stuff (like that cute top you saw Lea Michele wearing on Glee last night). That doesn'’t mean you should stop watching TV, but cutting back a little -—and being aware of the influence it has on your budget— - helps.