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  • Courtesy of Elizabeth Street

    10 simple life hacks to get your garage organized

    When we were young and our parents told us to clean our rooms, a majority of the clutter wound up hidden under our beds. Cut to 20 years later and we’re stuffing our garages full of odds and ends. Out of sight, out of mind. Click through the slideshow for 10 handy life hacks to get your garage in tiptop storage shape. Once you’ve gotten your tools, kids’ toys, and outdoor gear in line, there may even be room for a motor vehicle.

  • Famatic Social Photo Frame. AFP Photo, ©Famatic // Famatic Social Photo Frame. AFP Photo, ©Famatic (Famatic Social Photo Frame. AFP Photo, ©Famatic)

    The 'social photo frame' that helps generations connect

    The digital photo frame Famatic allows those without social networks to 'like' and comment on images.

  • Conde Nast Traveler

    Inspiring closet renovations

    You sent us your renovations, and we’ve handpicked the top submissions. Browse the gallery of inspiring makeovers and check out the winner at ArchDigest.com.

  • Bed/"22 Eco-Chic Alternatives for Your Home"/Photo: Coyuchi

    21 eco-chic alternatives for your home

    Going green is a global move. We’ve discovered 22 products that will help reduce your homebound footprint, while staying stylish because, after all, eco is in.

  • A basic kitchen before remodeling

    Kitchen makeovers

    See amazing before and after photos, and get inspired to remodel your own kitchen with our easy tips and clever ideas.

  • A shower with no wall

    10 easy ways to transform your bathroom into a spa

    Have a spa-like experience in your home with these easy, budget-friendly bathroom ideas.

  • Fluffy towels hanging on a towel rack in a pretty bathroom

    10 simple bathroom fixes for DIY decorators

    The best bathrooms are more than utilitarian—they’re sanctuaries where you can escape, reset and recharge. How do you transform your boring old W.C. into the day spa of your dreams without spending a fortune? We've got 10 simple tricks to help you on your way.

  • Transform Your Yard

    Upgrade your yard into an outdoor oasis

    Spruce up your backyard with these tips to build a blossoming (and versatile!) outdoor arbor.

  • Before: Living Room

    Dramatic living room makeover

    How wallet-friendly fixes transformed an outdated space.

  • By-the-Sea printed cotton rug

    Nautical novelties

    Pull off that summertime beachy feel without looking like a souvenir shop gone awry.

  • bedroom // "How To Decorate With What You Love"

    How to decorate with random stuff you love

    Infuse your decor with a pinch of personality by showing off your favorite everyday things. From soup cans to figurines, here's how to make the stuff you love look great in your home.

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