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  • An all white kitchen

    13 Party Clean-Up Tips from the Pros

    With hosting a great get-together comes the less-exciting task of cleaning it all up. These party planners' tips will lighten your post-celebration load so you can let loose.

  • Level

    10 tools that every home needs

    From a cool corkscrew to the indispensable Swiss Army knife, design pros share the tools that you need in your home.

  • Kitchen appliances

    The top (grossest) things you’re not cleaning

    These hidden household spots are dirt and germ magnets. How often do you clean them?

  • Knives (Photo: Peter Chadwick LRPS\Getty Images)

    Fast home fixes

    Try these tricks to extend the lives of the hardest-working items in your home.

  • Clean, tidy living room

    31 days to decluttered

    Smart advice from pros and GH editors to help you finally get your house organized this year.

  • A woman putting things in a donation box

    Closet organizing 101

    According to feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) principles, a messy closet can indicate a messy life. If you’ve been thinking about decluttering your life, check out these simple and basic things you can do to tidy up that chaotic closet. You know the one.

  • A tub of cleaning supplies

    Make housework a breeze by using a weekly cleaning checklist

    For most people, housework is a have to, not a want to. One way to make necessary housecleaning tasks go faster—and to be sure your home is always presentable for drop-in company—is to create a weekly chore list that covers all the basics. This one will get you started, and you can add your own special tasks as needed.

  • An organized closet

    10 ways to maximize storage

    Too much stuff and not enough space? Chances are, you've got more than you think. Lorie Marrero, bestselling author of The Clutter Diet, explains how to work with what you've got to create useable storage. Here, 10 ways to expand your closet, cabinets, and shelves.

  • Dryer Vent

    How to clean the most hard-to-reach spaces in your home

    If you're like most people, housecleaning is not one of your favorite activities. So it can be especially disheartening when you have to clean a place that's hard to reach. These 10 tips will help you make short work of those hard-to-reach spots in your home.

  • Dress forms for jewelry

    10 creative ways to organize your jewelry

    If your jewelry box, drawer, Tupperware® container, or whatever you use to store your jewelry looks anything like mine, then it’s a tangled mess of bracelets, necklaces and orphaned earrings. Take control of the chaos, and organize and display your trinkets in fashion. Here are 10 creative ideas for how to do it.

  • Mr. Clean

    Best Multi-Purpose Cleaners

    Who needs a cabinet full of different cleaning sprays when you can use one cost-effective bottle? Of the 17 we tested, these four multi-surface cleansers did the best job of quickly and conveniently vanquishing messes around the house. Be sure to check out the our full multi-purpose cleaner reviews to see how the competition held up.

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