Homeowners doing home renovations (Photo: VStock LLC; Tanya Constantine; Getty Images)

1. Language Barrier
"I was a city girl who had moved to the country. When the crew digging the foundation for our addition told me that they hit our septic tank, I had to ask them to explain to me what that was exactly. Yuck!"

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2. Ceiling Setback
"We asked the contractor to redo our popcorn ceiling with a lightly textured finish. Well, the contractor hired a sub contractor, and he applied that texture to every wall, ceiling, and surface in the kitchen! All of it had to be scraped down, sanded, and smoothed out. It set the project back weeks."

3. Bathroom Bust
"My husband was getting out of the military, and my daughter and I moved in to our new home about a month before he did. We got a great deal, but it needed some major remodeling. My dad and I started by tearing out a bathroom closet and soon discovered major termite damage. We ended up gutting it entirely because so much of it was rotten. However, we have a very beautiful bathroom now!"

4. Kitchen Catastrophe
"The kitchen company sent us the wrong-size cabinets — twice! Also, because they had the wrong kitchen measurements, I ended up with a sink the size of an RV! In the mean time, I have been cooking meals in a turkey roaster and washing dishes in the bathtub."
Kathy Watkins

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5. Winter Woes
"When my son was born six weeks early in January, our furnace blew up and our water pipes froze. Needless to say we have a new house now!"