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  • Amazing chair makeover

    11 amazing chair makeovers

    Chairs are hospitable and versatile. Adding a couple of great chairs is an easy and affordable way to give a space a new look—plus, chairs are a cinch to reposition and move around as needed. This friendly adaptability is perhaps what motivates DIYers to habitually pick them up at thrift shops, auctions, and flea markets, or to resurrect them from the trash. In the hands of our 10 featured aesthetes, artists, and chair visionaries, this collection of broken and antiquated seats have been fortified and revamped with paint, fabric, trim, and a helping of TLC. Witness how, thanks to the patience and skill of these wonder-workers, each piece has been transformed into a better version of its former self.

  • DIY floor coverings

    10 DIY ways renters can remake their space

    Life as a renter is a mix of pros and cons. While you don't have to fix the leaky faucet yourself, you don't have the option to change it either. Sure, you have less responsibility, but you have less control as well. Whether you just want to put your own stamp on your living space or are a certified home improvement junkie, DIY projects in a rental can be tricky. Most landlords won't allow you to make any changes, structural or decorative, to your apartment. And you certainly don't want to invest good money in a space you don't own. So, what's a DIYer to do? Here are 10 not-so-permanent solutions that will make your rental feel more like "your" home.

  • Hang some drapes

    9 budget-friendly ways to revive your porch for summer

    Rest assured that you can create an inviting front veranda without breaking the bank. Here are 10 inspiring front porches that prove that it’s possible to design a welcoming front veranda on a budget.

  • Glitter/"DIY Nightmares"/Photo: Shutterstock

    DIY disasters from your nightmares

    Even if you consider yourself crafty, we’re sure you’ve encountered a disaster or two.

  • DIY paper garland

    5 crafty paper lanterns to create quickly

    Let your individuality shine with stunning personalized paper lantern projects that will add a pop of fun in your home.

  • DIY closet storage idea

    10 'zero dollar' storage hacks

    Closets are built with doors for a reason: They’re meant to hide stuff. Still, these essential storage spots are some of the most-used spaces in any home—so why not make them as appealing and user-friendly as possible? Outfitted with colorful fixtures and smart tools, an organized closet, dresser, or craft room can be a thing of beauty. Even better, it can be pulled together on the tightest of budgets. Here are 10 ways to conquer clutter by repurposing items you may already have on hand, such as cardboard boxes and coat hangers. Put these simple no-cost DIY tricks to work in storage spaces from the front hall to the master bedroom—then go ahead and leave the doors wide open!

  • What You'll Need

    7 vintage Fourth of July paper craft projects

    Inspired by turn-of-the-century celebrations, these seven joyful tributes to red, white, and blue harken to a time when impromptu hats were folded from leftover newspapers, and marching bands, firecrackers, and lawn games marked the day.Plus, get more great craft ideas for summer.

  • Hanging out

    Hanging, swinging, and swaying: Playfully stylish furniture

    While most people are good at utilizing all four walls of their rooms for furniture and decor, it is easy to forget about the ceiling. Suspending furniture like chairs, beds, and tables from the ceiling is a great way to make use of the fifth wall, while drawing your eye upwards to take in the full height of the room. Hanging furniture needs to be attached to ceiling joists to hold their own weight, plus the additional weight of people or other objects. Make sure to consult a professional to make sure you are using the correct tools and materials to suspend these pieces safely and correctly. Click through the gallery for ideas that will get your brain in full swing.

  • Turn a ladder into a focal point

    8 brilliant one-hour home improvement projects

    Feeling crafty but don’t want to spend the whole weekend tethered to a hot glue gun? These wildly easy D.I.Y.s will make a major impact on your space.

  • Drink umbrellas

    13 can't-miss summer craft projects

    Warm-weather craft projects you can tackle in a flash. Plus, get even more great summer crafts!

  • Bandanna table runner

    Easy summer crafts

    Pass the time on those long summer days with one of our fun and easy summer craft projects.

  • Getty Images

    How to build a fire pit

    It's easier than you think. And yes, you definitely want one.

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