Clothes in a dresser nicedly organized(Mark Lund\Getty Images)

An interview with Linda Rothschild, owner of Cross It Off Your List, a personal-organizing service based in New York City.

Drawers are notorious black holes—things have a way of drifting to the back and languishing there. I hang up whatever I can and then do my best to keep everything else in sight.

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Divide and conquer. Drawers are best for corralling smaller stuff, like jewelry, underwear, and socks. Drawer dividers are fabulous: they keep everything organized so you know what you have and you can see what you’re actually using. No need to arrange by color, but I do suggest sorting things by narrowest categories—for example, thongs, boy shorts, and so on. I like clear acrylic dividers the best because you can see the contents and they’re easy to wipe clean.

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Take the temperature. Many people rotate their closets seasonally, but they forget to do the same with their drawers. Relegate bikinis and tank tops to a far-off—but well-labeled—corner, so you can make room for tights. While you’re at it, go through and toss out anything that’s irrevocably stretched out, stained, or otherwise kaput. This also helps you know exactly what you’ve got.

Improve visibility. Stacks of folded T-shirts mean that anything that’s not on top is invisible. Instead, roll your shirts with the pattern or logo faceup.

Banish mustiness. I like to tuck a bar of scented soap in each drawer. Poke holes in the wrapper to the fragrance can seep out.