cleaning & organizing: bring order to your home

  • Binder/"15 Desktop Accessories to Keep You Organized"/Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    15 desktop accessories to keep you organized (and chic!) at work

    Whether styling a cubicle or a home office, the spaces that manifest your work should be inspired. Check out these 15 pretty desk accessories that mean business.

  • scour crevices

    Steps to deep-cleaning your home

    Find inner peace as you deep clean your house. Here are our top 10 deep cleaning must-dos. By Stacey Gawronski

  • Brighten your whites

    10 all-natural cleaning recipes

    The transition from wiping salt-encrusted snow to grass-flecked mud off our floors means acknowledging the long-awaited change in weather. While we’re happy to wave goodbye to backbreaking shoveling and let in some much-needed fresh air, there is one little catch: spring comes hand-in-hand with full-on cleaning. Yes, it’s time to stop procrastinating, drag our butts off the couch and embark on our annual home cleansing. Here are 10 cleaning recipes using safe, natural, non-toxic ingredients that are probably sitting in your fridge and cabinet right now. By Cordelia Tai

  • Ava Home cleaning supplies/"Natural cleaning supplies"/Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    Instant upgrade: Our favorite new cleaning supplies

    Giving your home an eco-friendly spring-cleaning might seem like a challenge at first; you care about the environment and keeping your family healthy, but you also want clean laundry, shiny dishes and a spotless kitchen. To help you achieve all that, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most effective products that get their cleaning power from natural, nontoxic and biodegradable ingredients.

  • Steam punk

    14 space-saving devices to keep your home spick-and-span

    From compact household gadgets that pack a punch to items that will organize tight spaces, we’ve found 15 products to make your life and home shine.

  • Kitchen | clean around & inside appliances

    30 ways to freshen every room for spring

    Think of this as your ultimate cleaning checklist: Easy ways to get your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, laundry room, and patio in tip-top shape for spring.

  • Sanction off a space with a curtain

    10 clever ways to conceal clutter

    Beautiful on the outside, functional on the inside.

  • Grater

    10 space-saving finds for your house

    Living with limited square footage? From seating that can be tucked away easily to a grater that folds flat, you'll need these home essentials for your small space. By Sarah Yang

  • A woman putting things in a donation box

    Closet organizing 101

    According to feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) principles, a messy closet can indicate a messy life. If you’ve been thinking about decluttering your life, check out these simple and basic things you can do to tidy up that chaotic closet. You know the one.

  • Change outdoor bulbs

    The essential spring chore checklist

    Tackle these small tasks with big impact to give your house a mini face-lift. Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware's home expert, lends his know-how.

  • white vinegar // 5 spring-cleaning myths -- busted!

    5 spring cleaning myths debunked -- don't fall for them!

    Before you break out your rubber gloves, get a reality check on these old wives' tales.

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