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    Incredible gardens around the world

    Discover eight beautiful landscapes that continue to influence modern garden design.

  • Easter table/"9 Easter ready tables"/Photo: Ryland Peters and Small

    8 Easter-ready tables that look good enough to eat

    Spring has sprung (well, at least in some parts of the country), and we’re gearing up for a for an Easter feast that will please family and friends alike. From a floral tea party to a desert dinner and even a holiday hoedown, check out these nine tables that may just make your spring celebration that much more delicious.

  • Simon Watson

    Organizing tips for every room in your house

    A stylish solution for every busy spot in your house.

  • Salad for everyone

    Get your most beautiful garden without ever leaving your house

    Yes, you can create the most stylish garden on the block with the best plants, tools and accessories available online.

  • Roman holiday

    15 colorful organizing finds under $20

    Tidy up and add some flair with one (or several!) of these $20-and-under finds for your home.

  • Rich colors + botanical prints

    The anti-pastel guide to spring decorating

    Inspiration to take on your spring updates with a heap of creativity...and close to zero of the expected pastels we're used to seeing this season.

  • Room 1/"Outrageous rooms"/Photo: TASCHEN

    No joke: Outrageous rooms that are high on design

    A style of your own is no laughing matter -- after all, it’s what makes a house your home. That’s why we’re taking a look at seven rooms that are full of personality, color and ingenuity. It’s no joke that these interiors are high on design, a little outrageous and wonderfully unique.

  • Garden courtyard

    22 new ways to landscape your yard

    Update your front yard or backyard design with shrubbery, gardens, walkways, and more.

  • 15 remarkably easy ways to create a dust-free home

    15 remarkably easy ways to create a dust-free home

    No matter how clean your home may be, it's probably still a little dusty. Dust is a pervasive problem that everyone has to deal with every day. It's more than an annoyance, however. For individuals who suffer from asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems, dust can compromise their health and their quality of life. Dust is composed of many elements, including tiny particles of dirt, pollen, mold spores, dead skin cells, hair, and fabric fibers, as well as airborne pollutants such as wood ash, chemicals, and vehicle exhaust. Minimizing the amount of dust in your home can make a huge difference in air quality and help prolong the life of furniture, appliances, and household electronics. Keeping your home as dust-free as possible requires vigilance and consistency, including establishing a regular weekly cleaning routine. Here are some simple suggestions on how to cut down on the amount of dust in your home.

  • Cameron Diaz bedroom

    9 celebrity bedrooms that are truly star-worthy sanctuaries

    Celebrity homes are known for extravagant designs, lavish amenities, stunning views—and location, location, location. When night falls and the stars come out, these terrestrial stars lay their heads in some of the most luxurious and stylized bedrooms in the world. Take a look at just a few of them. By Marisa Villarreal

  • Pop-Up House by Multipod Studio. AFP Photo, ©Courtesy of Multipod Studio // Pop-Up House by Multipod Studio. AFP Photo, ©Courtesy of Multipod Studio (Pop-Up House by Multipod Studio. AFP Photo, ©Courtesy of Multipod Studio)

    French architects design modern 'Pop-Up House' which can be completely recycled

    Low-cost structure doesn't require tools to build.

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