Burger King

We've all been there. You're standing in line for something, and behind you is a screaming child; and, to make the situation worse, his or her caretaker seems oblivious to the temper-tantrum happening in front of their eyes, and makes no effort whatsoever to fix the situation or quell the kid's demands. But how far would you go to get revenge?

According to Eater, one man went so far as to order 23 apple pies to exact his own punishment in the form of disappointment. After standing in front of such a duo while waiting to order at Burger King, listening to the child curse at his mother, throw his Gameboy and repeatedly demand the sweet dessert, the man bought up every single last pie in the place — and no, we’d assume he wasn’t actually planning on eating them all. He then turned to walk away, glancing back to watch the family learn that there were, sadly, no pies left.

Later, he took to Reddit to ask the masses if he was a bad person. Do you think his methods were justified, or was he acting irrationally?