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  • yogurt-chia-pudding-620x620

    8 ways to use yogurt in your cooking (i.e., put it in everything)

    Here's how to incorporate it into nearly everything you eat.

  • Napa Valley Grille's kale chopped salad

    21 inventive ways to get your kale fix

    We've all heard about the bounty of benefits a heaping helping of kale has to offer our stomachs and taste buds, but actually putting the dark, leafy green on your plate is a whole different story.

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    10 cooking gadgets for kitchen geeks

    While wrapping your food in plastic bags and cooking it at tepid temperatures for long periods of time may seem completely new and foreign to some home cooks, people have actually been doing it for decades. Sous vide cooking was introduced in the 1960′s, but back then it was referred to as Cryovacking. Chefs first started using the technique to retain flavors and volume that would otherwise be lost in the cooking process; industrial kitchens liked sous vide cooking because it extended the shelf life of food. By the first part of this millennium, the method had made its way into prominent professional kitchens. It was a quick leap to aspirational self-defined food nerds. Today, several devices targeted for home cooks eager to save on time and convenience without sacrificing taste are on the market.

  • Vegetable brochettes with pimentón marinade

    End of summer grilling recipes

    While there are many of us who will still take the opportunity to light up the grill late into the fall — and, heck, some of us who light it up all winter long — September marks the end of summer grilling; the end of charred corn on the cob, juicy cheeseburgers, and grill-marked seafood. To honor summer grilling and say one last farewell, here are a few of our favorite grilling recipes that will help you send out the summer in style.

  • grilling

    Summer cookout common mistakes—for hosts and guests

    Make your end-of-summer days as seamless as possible with these tips.

  • Roasted butternut squash

    8 beautiful butternut squash recipes

    All hail the mighty butternut squash! Its creamy consistency; mellow, buttery flavor; and golden-orange hue make it an ideal addition to salads, soups, pasta, pizza, and more. Take a look at these eight great recipes for squash-piration.

  • chicken
  • pizza
  • CN Digital Studio

    10 delicious ways to top your baked potato

    Our favorite tasty topping combinations for baked potatoes.

  • Tailgating recipes

    Easy tailgating recipe ideas

    Whether you're heading to the game or just out to a local park, bring the perfect tailgate party food with our easy recipe ideas.Plus, get more tailgating party ideas!

  • Checkout lines are tight for a reason

    11 secrets supermarkets don't want you to know

    Giving the customer the impression that everything is as fresh as possible is a major priority of supermarkets, as is making as much money as possible, which can lead to some shady practices markets engage in to extend shelf life (pro tip: if it ever looks like there are two overlapping labels on a package of meat, don’t buy it). So read on to learn some secrets that supermarkets would prefer you didn’t know, and remember: stick to your list, don’t shop hungry, and if it doesn’t look right, don’t buy it, no matter what it might say on the label.

  • Interesting facts about French fries

    10 things you didn't know about french fries

    When a food product is eaten and loved all over the world, there are bound to be some interesting facts and figures that crop up that can boggle the mind, like which famous company is responsible for a full third of American french fry sales, or the fact that there is a museum in Belgium entirely devoted to the classic fast-food snack. Read on to learn 10 things that you didn’t know about french fries.

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