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  • Butter

    9 things you didn’t know you could make in a food processor

    If you want to make from-scratch foods quickly and easily, the food processor has to be one of you go-to kitchen gadgets. Check out some of the other things it can do.

  • Interesting cupcakes

    15 unconventional cupcake recipes

    While the cupcake market may have reached its saturation point, it's safe to say most people aren't over the cupcake craze and are still as likely to bake a dozen at home as they were a few years ago.

  • DIY snacks for the road

    10 DIY snacks for the road (and 10 alternatives for on the run)

    No car trip is complete without plenty of snacks to keep you fueled and awake on the open road.

  • Great comfort food dishes

    Comfort foods almost as good as Mom made them

    Great comfort food is like an old friend: it's just what you need no matter how you feel.

  • Southwestern layered dip with chips

    12 finger-lickin’-good football recipes

    Create a winning spread of pub-inspired grub for your next game-day party

  • Whataburger

    Regional fast foods that will make you miss home

    Sure, you still love your Mom's home cooked meals, but sometimes nothing compares to the greasy grub of your old high school haunts. Whether the food was actually good or you just think it was because of the good times spent chowing it down, hometown fast food will always be special. Regional fast-food chains are growing and expanding, spreading into new states each year, but this bunch will always be hometown hot spots to us.

  • Candy necklaces

    Nostalgic treats: The Halloween candy you and your kids both love

    Candies keep getting upgrades — they're bigger, come in more flavors, and pack in even more sugary goodness — but some oldies will always be goodies. We're happy to report that all of these beloved bonbons are still available, even if you have to order them online. Rediscover some long-lost favorites from back in your trick-or-treating days and get started planning your sweet reunion.

  • Capicola & cheese sandwich

    The best football stadium food

    While your favorite players are enduring an on-field pounding in pursuit of a win, you can be enjoying a much more pain-free victory at the stadium's concession stand. These days, football stadiums have a lot more to offer than tiny hot dogs and bagged nachos coated in questionable cheese.

  • Tactical Chef Apron

    21 ridiculous pieces of grilling gear

    The best thing about grilling is its simplicity. Toss a little salt, pepper, and olive oil on some fresh veg or protein, slap it on the fire, and—bam!—dinner. But the fact that there is no easier (or arguably more delicious) way to entertain guests hasn’t stopped marketers everywhere from trying to sell you grilling gear, gadgets, and gizmos you most definitely do not need. Here is a look at the 21 worst offenders—we’ll let the items speak for themselves.

  • yogurt-chia-pudding-620x620

    8 ways to use yogurt in your cooking (i.e., put it in everything)

    Here's how to incorporate it into nearly everything you eat.

  • Napa Valley Grille's kale chopped salad

    21 inventive ways to get your kale fix

    We've all heard about the bounty of benefits a heaping helping of kale has to offer our stomachs and taste buds, but actually putting the dark, leafy green on your plate is a whole different story.

  • 1

    10 cooking gadgets for kitchen geeks

    While wrapping your food in plastic bags and cooking it at tepid temperatures for long periods of time may seem completely new and foreign to some home cooks, people have actually been doing it for decades. Sous vide cooking was introduced in the 1960′s, but back then it was referred to as Cryovacking. Chefs first started using the technique to retain flavors and volume that would otherwise be lost in the cooking process; industrial kitchens liked sous vide cooking because it extended the shelf life of food. By the first part of this millennium, the method had made its way into prominent professional kitchens. It was a quick leap to aspirational self-defined food nerds. Today, several devices targeted for home cooks eager to save on time and convenience without sacrificing taste are on the market.

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