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  • Red wine and cola cocktails

    10 ways to make a box of wine taste amazing

    Once in the domain of wines with distinct notes of Kool-Aid and undertones of Pixy Stix, boxed wine has changed since you used it to play Slap the Bag in college. Whether you're opting for a highbrow Tetra Pak or the kind with a spigot, there are lots of options you don't have to be the least bit embarrassed about consuming. Of course, if you're on a budget, boozing with a crowd, or just really like the cheap stuff, here are 10 refreshing and delicious ways to trick out your boxed wine this summer..

  • Courtesy of Aramark

    Home-run hot dogs: The best dogs from America's baseball stadiums

    According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (NHDSC), this year baseball fans will consume more than 21 million hot dogs at stadiums across the country. That's enough to round the bases 29,691 times!Baseball fans are not just fans of franks. The NHDSC predicts ballparks will also serve nearly 5 million sausages this year. Whichever side you support, we've rounded up some of the top dogs and sausages from ballparks across America. Which Major League frankfurter is the most FAN-tastic? We'll leave it up to you to decide.

  • Pizza Hut Sri Lanka: Birizza

    The 15 most bizarre fast-food menu items of all time

    We’re not exactly sure why these chains feel so compelled to release such outrageously insane offerings, but hey, good for them. They’re living dangerously, pushing the boundaries, and in some cases leading folks to believe that this is how Americans actually eat. Some of these menu items sound legitimately tasty — Pizza Hut Puerto Rico’s Crazy Cheesy Bacon Crust Pizza, for example — but we think we’ll stick with the Big Mac. Read on for 15 fast food items that are so over the top it’s hard to believe that these were actually unleashed on the public.

  • Crock pot jalapeno spinach dip

    8 summer crockpot recipes

    It can be hard to find time to cook during the summer; days spent swimming in the pool and day- tripping to the amusement park don’t leave much time for elaborate meal preparation. If you’re looking for easy recipes that go beyond the grill, consider dusting off your slow cooker! Though the crock pot is often used to make hearty cold-weather stews and roasts, it actually works well for a variety of recipes.

  • Clinton Solves it!

    How to pack the perfect picnic

    Learn expert tips from Clinton Kelly on how to solve this summertime challenge.

  • Taking picture food (Photo: Getty Images)

    How to foodstagram without making enemies

    There are ways to snap photos of your food without being "that person." Try starting here.

  • Don't stress about the food, get it delivered.

    10 easy rules for hosting the ultimate summer party

    Follow these hassle-free tips to impress your guests—and you might even enjoy yourself, too.

  • GQ

    The 10 best hot dogs for your grill

    Who makes the very best frank that you can buy in any supermarket? It’s an important question because, hearty, dependable, and uncomplicated, there is no food more important to the American Way of Life. Which is why Alan Richman and his team of tasters fired up the Weber and sought to find the top dog for your cookout. (Bonus: They also found New York City’s best artisanal dog)

  • Muffin top baking cups (Photo: Courtesy of Delish)

    The world's greatest edible pun

    Introducing muffin top baking cups.

  • McConnell’s

    World's 30 best ice cream parlors

    From France to Berlin, we found the best spots for ice cream around the world.

  • Cooking with your kids (Credit: Courtesy of Esquire)

    6 simple tips for cooking with your kids

    Part of our Fatherhood collection.

  • Icebox cake

    No-bake cakes to try this summer

    The last thing you want to do on a hot Summer day is bake in a stuffy kitchen. Steer clear of the oven with these no-bake cake recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without you having to break a sweat.

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