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Heat wave: 10 ways to keep kids cool and safe

It’s hot outside. Don’t lose your cool.

By Kristin Wong Jul 1, 2013 4:37PM

As the recent heat wave intensifies, it’s important to remember that rising temperatures can be more than just uncomfortable. This record-breaking weather can be dangerous – even deadly. Staying cool is a priority, so here are 10 ways to combat the sizzling heat.

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1. Chill your wrists: Chris Baskind of the Mother Nature Network suggests running cold water over your wrists for a minute every hour:

“When you were sick as a child, your mom may have brought you a cold facecloth. This idea works the same way.”

2. Stay hydrated: Kids may not feel thirsty, but it’s essential to stay hydrated, so make sure young ones are getting lots of water. If you’re planning to leave the house, freeze some water bottles and take them with you.

3. A little help from some fans: They may be little, but those battery-operated personal fans can make a big difference.

4. Frozen washcloth: Freeze a washcloth and then plop it on the back of their necks – instant refresher.

5. Turn off electronics: If they’re not being used, unplug electronic devices to keep them from generating unnecessary heat.

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6. Stay downstairs: Downstairs areas tend to be cooler. Herd kids into an air-conditioned basement, if available. If not, stay on the first floor.

7. Don’t cook: Feed kids fresh foods such as salads and fruit. Not only will this cool the body's core, it’ll also keep cooking-related heat from filling up the house.

8. Plan for the weather: If you’re leaving the house, make sure you won’t be spending too much time in areas without shade. Bring plenty of water and dress in lightweight, light-colored clothing.

9. Pre-cool: Lifehacker recommends “pre-cooling” to counter overheating:

“Before you start exercising, you can use a couple pre-cooling techniques to keep your temperature down. This includes drinking a slushie or even just draping a cold rag around your neck. These pre-cooling techniques can improve endurance in hot-weather exercise by nearly 4 percent.”

10. Postpone laundry: Plan to do heat-generating activities after the sun goes down. Do laundry at night, for example. 

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Photo: Little boy drinking water in a heat wave / Peter Miller/Getty Images

Jul 1, 2013 9:27PM
what a retarded list! Why didn't they put...keep the door closed because it's hot outside! lol

Jul 1, 2013 7:29PM
"Downstairs areas tend to be cooler. Herd kids into an air-conditioned basement, if available. If not, stay on the first floor."

Anyone else find that last sentence kind of funny?  What else are they gonna do?  "If not available, dig a hole and make a downstairs area" ?
Jul 1, 2013 5:28PM
#11 - live in Breckenridge, Colorado.
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