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Student banned over dyed hair

A 7th-grader has been kicked out of school for dyeing her hair blond.

By Kristin Wong Sep 20, 2013 4:58PM

A straight-A student has been banned from a junior high school in Lubbock, Texas. Her offense? Dyeing her hair partially blond.


Neices Houston, a 7th grader at Seagraves Junior High in Lubbock, Texas, whose mother says she has been kept out of class for two days in a row because of her hair color (KCBD, http://aka.ms/hair-color-conflict)More on MSN Living: Six of the most annoying dress codes, decoded!

Watasha Houston dyed her daughter’s hair a couple of weeks ago. This week, when Neices, a 7th-grader at Seagraves Junior High, showed up for class with her new ‘do, she was turned away.

"She gets up this morning, gets ready to go to school; she's not allowed to go to her class again," Houston told Lubbock's KCBD.

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Spiller explained that the Seagraves Independent Student Handbook prohibits “hair coloring or bleaching for the purpose of creating extreme differences in color.” Spiller contends that Neices is in “violation of the dress code.”

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Neices explains the irony of the situation:

“I waited two years to dye my hair, and I had to earn it [with] my grades.”

Houston says her daughter has “been shunned, she’s been discriminated." Spiller says the school district works with parents in situations like these, giving students a timeline for returning back to class. But so far, Houston isn't giving in. She refuses to dye her daughter's hair back. 

"It's not hurting anybody but it's killing her not to be able to walk into a classroom and get her work done because in the long run she's gonna be behind … because of her hair?"

Watch the rest of the story here, then tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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Photo: Neices Houston, a 7th grader at Seagraves Junior High in Lubbock, Texas,  has been kept out of class because of her hair color (KCBD, http://aka.ms/hair-color-conflict)

Oct 1, 2013 6:00PM

First: One school cannot speak for ALL Texas schools. Second: I absolutely agree with the power to stand up for what's right. And this is ridiculous by all means. But at the same time, this child is missing school, not only because of their rules, but also because her mother is being too stubborn to die her child's hair back so she may return. They knew the rules beforehand and now her she is the one causing her child to miss school. Standing up for yourself and your rights is one thing. But education is another and also, might I add, more important than looking "cool". Die her hair back, get her back into school, and when summer comes, go crazy with dye!

Oct 1, 2013 4:19PM

Texas seems to think they are the government and can do anything they please - how stupid can they really get.  Sad thing is they are the worse at actually teaching in classes (I speak from experience with 2 grandchildren in Texas schools)



Sep 27, 2013 5:08PM
This is how outdated rules get changed...when one person stands up and says, NO!
Sep 27, 2013 1:28PM
The whole point is: This should not be a rule. Dyeing your hair should NOT be a punishable offense. If it is, where do we draw the line, and who decides? Is a teacher using a hair dye committing an offense? Is it okay for a student to dye his or her hair if, say, a brownish color is chosen? Everyone here that's arguing "jeez, just follow the rules," you're advocating a follow-the-rules-no-matter-what mentality, instead of looking critically at what the rules are, why they are there, and who's making them. Think critically people!! 
Sep 25, 2013 8:48PM
There is a dress code, people!! Its there to prevent kids from being a distraction at school. BTW: all of these parents and students SIGNED the contract abut the dress code. Deal with it!
Sep 25, 2013 6:47PM
Superintendent Dr. Kevin Spiller explained that the Seagraves Independent Student Handbook prohibits “hair coloring or bleaching for the purpose of creating extreme differences in color.” Spiller contends that Neices is in “violation of the dress code.”

The girl is in the 7th grade. Her mother probably has not read the handbook. And even so, such a clause can easily be overlooked.

Let's realize something. A lot of these rules are arbitrary. They have nothing to do with order and discipline. They are there to create a sameness, discourage individuality and expression, and most of all to make students afraid to even try anything new. If one tries something new, one might be publicly humiliation and put down by the Almighty Authorities.

I know that school administrators would like to rule like dictators and teach children they have no freedom of speech, but that is not appropriate. Yes, students are there to learn, but they do not need to learn the civics of acting like peons only allowed to do what they are told and think what they are taught. We are supposed to be preparing them for participation in a free society after all!

The principal definitely seems to get off on enforcing the rules instead of encouraging his students. Perhaps he needs another job, say, as a prison guard?

Rules should not be arbitrarily and mindlessly obeyed, either. Bad rules, unnecessary rules, contradictory rules should be done away with. Freedom makes a good learning environment.
Sep 25, 2013 6:21AM
It's sad there are schools these days that can't seem to understand what's important... things like student's well-being and how they are feeling. Students have been committing suicide from too much stress and bullying and schools have only caused more stress at times by enforcing stupid rules.  Listen-up self-proclaimed adults!  Hair color, extreme or not is only a fad and temporary!!  It's a method of self-expression which is good and healthy for anyone!  Too bad so many of you haven't seen what's important, but instead have focussed your brainless minds on discipline and such stupid rules.   When your child is dead, however, having committed suicide you'd feel differently.  You'd learn and would wake-up right quick.... 
Sep 24, 2013 11:20PM

What is the Mother teaching this child?  You can break the rules - holler the loudest and you will win.  what about the Mother, she is the one who started this.  She promised something she couldn't deliver.  If I tell my son when he gets 2 years of straight As I will let him drive MY car as fast as he wants.  What's wrong with that?


This Mother is not using this as a teaching moment, she just wants to cry racial.  It's not, it simply breaking the rules and got caught.  She should publicly apologize to her daughter for creating this problem and to the school for not reading the student rules.

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