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Professor Teaches Tots to be Psychic

Of course, if you are psychic then you knew that.

By Jeremy Greenberg Aug 13, 2012 7:29PM

In Boulder, Colorado, there is a teacher who is really focused on your kid’s future—so much so, she teaches a class on how they can predict the future. Sure there’s regular summer-camp fun stuff, such as swimming and singing songs. And then there are the classes about how to live in the moment and feel connected as a being in this universe.

Although it may seem a bit strange, it’s hard to deny the value of some of her alternative teachings. I want my sons to respect nature and to be able to meditate and slow down their heart rates. Though I highly doubt my kids will come home with new psychic powers and suddenly tell me not to defrost the chicken I was planning to serve because their intuition suggested it would prefer pizza.

According to Stacia Synnestvedt, one of the teachers at Boulder's Psychic Horizons Center, the term "psychic" has become misconstrued. Much of the curriculum is well within the bounds of what one might discover through yoga, meditation or hallucinogens. But the curriculum jumps the shark when it describes teaching kids how to read auras, set energetic boundaries and meet spirit guides.

All in all, the program doesn't seem to harm its students. And who knows, once a student finds his or her spirit guide, maybe that friendly ghost will lead them on a journey back to real science.   


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