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Neighbors Behaving Badly

Having great neighbors can really enhance your life. But what happens when good neighbors go bad?

Courtesy of NBC Today ShowAccording to this ABC News story, a once-decent neighbor by the name of Lori Christensen became a "Neighbor From Hell" after an altercation involving her daughter and the kids of a nearby family, the Hoffmans. After a number of uncomfortable and increasingly offensive run-ins with Christensen, the Hoffmans eventually got a restraining order and then pressed charges against Christensen, who served time in prison. Once she was released from prison, she continued to harass by hanging signs with increasingly humiliating messages on her garage such as, "I saw mommy kissing a breathalizer" (referring to Ms. Hoffman's alleged alcoholism) and videotaping the Hoffmans. Christensen was quoted as having said to a colleague, "It's my lifelong goal to make these people's life miserable."

Now, after 50 citations and multiple arrests, Christensen is on probation. Her home is for sale after the most recent judge's ruling that she be banned from the property while she serves her probationary period. Christensen is currently awaiting trial, set to begin in October, for three felony counts involving her continued harassment of the Hoffman family.

This makes us wonder — how have YOU handled difficult neighbors in the past? What's the right way to address a neighbor child's behavioral issues? Weigh in, in the comments...

Photo: Courtesy of NBC's 'Today'


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