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Report: Finland is best place to be a mother

Save the Children has come out with its State of the World's Mothers Index, and the results are startling.

By MSN Canada May 15, 2013 8:33PM

By: Emma Waverman (follow her on Twitter)

Finland and other Nordic countries are ranked the best places to be a mother, according to a report from Save the Children, an organization that promotes children's rights.  

Sub-Saharan Africa is the most dangerous place to give birth, the report finds, and if you are pregnant in the Democratic Republic of Congo, you have a one in 30 chance of not living through the birth.


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I  have recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic, where I toured three SOS Children's Villages. A number of the orphaned children that I met ended up in care because their mothers had died in childbirth. It sounded outlandish to me that dying in childbirth is so common. There must be a way to make it better. And there is.

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The Save the Children report shows that we have work to do as well, especially in the North. Canada ranks at 22 on the Best Places to Be a Mother, behind the Scandinavian countries but a little ahead of the United States and Britain. But Canada has the second-highest rate of newborn deaths in the industrialized world, ahead of the United States. A high proportion of those deaths are in the North and  among indigenous populations.

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The report looked at five factors to determine the Mother's Index ranking, including breastfeeding support, mother's education, gross domestic product, political participation of women, and chance of survival during pregnancy.

Some other startling stats:   

  • Every year, 40 million women give birth at home without the help of a skilled birth attendant.
  • Every day, 800 women die during pregnancy or childbirth, and 8,000 newborn babies die during their first month of life.
  • Newborn deaths account for 43 percent of all deaths among children under age 5.


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Photo: Finland mother / Garron Nicholls/Getty Images


May 17, 2013 9:05PM

I'm tired of the disrespect parents get in the USA.

No pride in parenting, for sure, mostly because, I'm sure, it doesn't turn a profit.


Very few parents I've met actually want to take the actual time it takes for a family to raise its own children when there are plenty of women out there ready and willing to take the job over for them...I assume it is mostly women because it is cheaper by about $3K-7K a year to hire them...and from my old babysitting days, when I got castigated for charging $1.50/hour for watching a child, doing the dishes and vaccumming, I know how much parents really resent having to pay good money to have someone else raise their children all day long for them. (Some kids are in daycare for twelve hours a day!)


On the other hand, those who dare to afford a Stay At Home Parent pay a far greater price for going against the norm than those who choose to have their babies while they are still more interested in working for pay. (Believe me, I get to talk to plenty of Stay At Home Parents who really would rather be doing something else than raising their own children...and...it reflects in the children.) I won't go into great depth, but in our case, it means giving up the house.

Unfortunately, the only move I can talk my spouse in to is one closer to the parents...maybe by the time the kid hits middle school we can move to a country that actually cares about its kids and its parents? Hmmmmmm

May 16, 2013 6:38PM

All these organizations are somewhat corrupt. Look at all the money we have given to the cancer fund,wouldn't you think by now we would have a cure? We have races for this and races for that and still no cure for anything.We should use all the money we spend on war and other countries and then

 our health care system would be outstanding!

May 16, 2013 5:34PM
hello this sound maybe good for some people specially people close and around me in my street and familly me,mber is more than 10 times i escape from die in my life and just you should know if wanted to search about me beter you ask my familly member and specially my brother and his son becouse order already to put me in bag and take me some where and for the first time i came out from mosq and is not new becouse on my trip to malaysia a alquran teacher who is famouse mr qhaerati told direct 30 minutes befor i fly later his familly should looking maybe find him same as now i run from their trap just i cant stop infront of them becouse they can open door
May 16, 2013 2:50PM
Yelp is a scam, if your a business owner and you don't pay them they will not put up most of your good reviews but they will put up your bad reviews.  You have to pay to play in they're world.
May 16, 2013 2:11PM
Corporate dictatorship is destroying America.
May 16, 2013 1:46PM
I believe they missed something. If your Mexican the US is the best place to have a baby. Free birth, baby food, car seats, strollers and free medical care for both. Yes America! And then the real fun starts. For years from then on they let tax payers pay for just about anything they want. Yes America ! The land of the freebies and the home of the moochers or cowards (not brave). If your Mexican that is. And for the rest of us...well you know the answer to that.
May 16, 2013 1:28PM
I believe they left something out. If your Mexican the US is the best place to have a child. Free birth, car seats, strollers, baby food, medical for both baby and mother, and then the real fun starts. Help for years to come letting the tax payers pay for just about anything these two want. Yes America! The land of the free (free living that is) and home for the moochers, not brave. That's if your Mexican though. The rest of us....well you know the answer to that one.
May 16, 2013 7:32AM
Finland is the best place for everything. I would love to live there, beautiful country.
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