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Couple trying for baby girl welcomes 12th son

Michigan husband and wife have been hoping for a daughter for 22 years.

By Celia Hunko - MSN Living Editor Aug 7, 2013 9:28PM

Still of Teri and Jay Schwandt with their twelve sons (Today.com, http://aka.ms/12-sons) Kateri and Jay Schwandt, of Grand Rapids, Mich., are used to being new parents.

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The two reportedly have been trying to conceive a daughter for 22 years. Their newest child, Tucker, is their 12th son.

Though they were rooting for a girl, they are happy to welcome their healthy new boy into their home, reported Fox 5.

“We were getting ready to leave the hospital and I said, ‘Twelve. Twelve kids. That’s crazy,'" Jay Schwandt said.

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Kateri Schwandt gave birth to their eldest son, Ty, while the couple was still in college. He is now 21.

There is a four-year gap between Ty and their second son, Zach. Since then, there has been a new son in the family every year or two, reports the Daily Mail.

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Baby Tucker can rest assured that he will have many big brothers to watch out for him and show him the ropes.

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"We thought maybe, maybe, you know, we’re going to have a girl. Number 12 could be the one," Kateri Schwandt said.

That is one outnumbered mom.

What do you think: Do you wish you had a lot of siblings to share life with?

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Photo: Kateri and Jay Schwandt with their 12 sons (Today.com, http://aka.ms/12-sons)






Aug 14, 2013 8:55PM
So many people making so many assumptions that large families are a drain on the economy, poor and on welfare.  How ignorant is that?  Get a life people.  I'm the oldest of 7 and 6 are living and there isn't one of us that's been on welfare, in jail or a drain on the government or economy.  All of us have gone to college and are working & contributing members of society and so are many others from large families.  I wouldn't trade any of my siblings for any of you and or your ignorant selfish attitudes.  At least we learn values on how to care and share with and for each other. 
Aug 14, 2013 4:20AM
If each of the twelve boys had twelve kids, would that be gross?
Aug 13, 2013 8:58PM
I wonder are these people receiving government aide. If so they should be required to be neutered so that they and all others like them don't continue to create a larger drain on the government.
Aug 13, 2013 8:47PM
Blaming the world's population problems on this one family is absurd! The focus of your attention and concern is misguided. Calling the parents of this family "idiots, stupid, freaky, selfish, on welfare, etc." is not making a difference in improving the world. So those of you who are so concerned with our planet should be out there making a difference and educating people in a more productive manner, instead of spewing your negativity here and blaming the rare few in the U.S. who happen to have large families. The earth is definitely a cause for concern, but I think it is because of overproduction of unnatural materials and depletion of our natural resources in a wasteful, ineffective way....(not merely from feeding a large family). The world's wealthiest nations have created pollution and harmed our earth over time since the onset of the industrial revolution. You should be concerned more with how the "2-leggers" who are already living on earth are abusing it, rather than this one family who just had another child. I am all for protecting the earth, but I still think that a newborn baby is a blessing from God. Who knows, this 12th child may be one of the rare few who makes a difference in the world? I do stand my ground here, that it is not our place to judge them. Instead, it is our responsibility to live with RESPECT towards our earth and each other.
Aug 13, 2013 7:27PM
I think if I wanted a girl that badly, after the fourth or fifth son I would have tried spinning out embryos to get a girl.  I wonder if the husband is a double-Y chromosome guy?  That might explain THAT many sons in a row. 
Aug 13, 2013 7:13PM
WOW - can you imagine their grocery bills????  I wonder what the husband does for a living - how does anyone afford 12 kids?????
Aug 13, 2013 6:13PM
April, yes we do have a right to make a judgement on people who think it's their right to pump out as many kids as they want.  Overpopulation is either directly or indirectly a cause of most of the problems on this planet.  We are not short of 2 leggers.  If they need a girl so badly to make their lives complete then they should adopt, many girls if so desired.  In 20 years there will be 1 billion more people on this planet so if existing children are so loved as you say then work to give them a decent future. 
Aug 13, 2013 6:01PM
Sorry, but 12 children is way over the top in this world today.  Good Luck!!
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