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'Plus-Sized' Clothing For Kids — Problematic?

Land's EndWhen your child requires a bit more room in their clothing — sometimes because they're simply taller than average — do they really need "plus sizes"? Whether or not there should be any negative connotations associated with the term, some claim that labeling young girls' sizes as "plus" is hurting their self-esteem.

Recently on the TODAY show, we heard consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman discuss the fact that, though parents appreciate having stylish options available regardless of their child's size, some feel it's doing emotional damage.

Morgan Joseph, 11, shared on TODAY that she's tall for her age and thus has struggled to find right-sized clothing for most of her young life. She shared with TODAY's Natalie Morales that she doesn't like the "plus sized" label. "I'd rather they just put numbers like they do for other kids," she said.

Many retailers nationwide and in the United Kingdom are cashing in on the growing need for larger sized kids' clothing. Sears introduced a successful "Pretty Plus" line for girls 7 to 10 years old. The Gap, J.C. Penney, Old NavyLand's End, and The Children's Place are also offering "special sized" options for kids, among other retailers.

The whole issue provokes the question: Are we, as parents and adults, to blame for passing down to our kids any negative association we feel towards the "plus sized" terminology? Do clothing manufacturers need to rethink how they categorize clothing sizes altogether, for taller/larger kids and adults alike?

Weigh in: Do you think calling kids "plus size" is bad for their self-esteem? And if so, isn't it also bad for adult women's self-esteem? What would you recommend clothing companies do to better address this issue?

Photo: Land's End

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