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Parents grossed out: Fungus found in Capri Sun

Five types of fungus have been identified in the popular kids' juice drink Capri Sun, researchers say.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor May 3, 2013 5:57PM

Cue the “eeews.” Five types of fungus have been identified in the popular kids' juice drink Capri Sun.

Photo: Capri SunAccording to The Christian Science Monitor, researchers found "mats of fungus consisting of millions of cells in the drink." While the thought of your kids' drink acting as a petri dish isn't all that appetizing, study researcher Kathleen Dannelly, associate professor microbiology at Indiana State University says the fungi probably aren't harmful to most people.

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"Probably, those of us with healthy immune systems, we could even eat that, and that wouldn’t be a problem," Dannelly told The Christian Science Monitor, referring to the fungal mats in Capri Sun. It may be a different story for people with compromised immune systems, such as those with AIDS, leukemia or cystic fibrosis.

Kraft, which manufactures Capri Sun, posted the following statement on its website:

Mold that forms on food and beverages is usually a common mold. It's generally much like common bread mold, though it may look different depending on where it forms. And yes, it can be ugly, gross and totally unappealing.

The bottom line: Five types of fungus have been found in Capri Sun and they likely won’t harm you, but they sure are gross.

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Here’s how some parents are reacting:

  • “Everyone always talks about Capri Suns as if they are indestructible--that they are ideal for sports and outdoor activities because the packaging is safe and keeps bacteria and other icky stuff out. So the idea that the packaging might actually be helping keep fungus in makes me uneasy.” – Kayt Sukel, author of “This is Your Brain on Sex”
  •  “That is DISGUSTING!!! I don't even know what that is, and I've graduated in Microbiology and have practically seen all kinds of molds, fungus and bacterias.” – Rosemichelle on The Bump
  • “That is BEYOND gross!  This freaks me out.  Really freaks me out.” – Mary0913 on The Bump
  •  “Unfortunately the solution will be to put preservatives in it or to make it perishable and have to be chilled. I wonder which one is more profitable?” – speculates Chef and Father, Greg Johnson
  • “I quit buying them once I heard that. Gross.” – Whitney on Facebook
  • “I always thought it was gross.” – Lori on Facebook
  • “Another reason to drink the ultimate beverage...water!!” – Dawnelle on Facebook
  • “Another good reason to give your kids homemade drinks with no preservatives!” – Monica on Facebook

Tell us: What do you think about this? Icky or okay?

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May 9, 2013 8:12PM
Twinz-ma- I am LMAO at your comment. Good One!!
May 8, 2013 11:23PM

How absolutely ridiculous can people get? Ah yes, I see, reading the idiot comments whining about JUICE going bad and wondering when the FDA is going to do something about this natural occurance!

Funny thing is... if you leave a can of Pepsi/Coke open long enough... it too will grow the nasty fungus crap. And so will any other juice or anything that has sugar, or is perishable, or many many other things...

I have 2 boxes of Capri Sun at home right now. I'm heading to the store to buy more this evening. It's freaking juice! If you get Ocean Spray 100% apple juice and crack the seal and leave it sit... in a few days you'll have Ocean Spray 100% Apple wine. If you go in the backyard and pick an apple off the tree and let it sit for a while... soon you'll have a hairy green apple!!! You ingest worse stuff driving down the freeway and breathing in smog!!! Are you going to stop breathing or make your kids stop breathing because there's stuff in the air that MOST people wouldn't be bothered by...but it's there??? DUH!!! NO!!!

Everyone complaining on here is the reason that this world is going to crap! Because you can't handle that it's got something that, might, possibly, could, maybe get icky!!

I've had pouches of CS my kids open and forget about and they get gross inside... I've HEARD of ones that come that way from the store, due to the pouch not getting sealed well. I've even had the pouches get poked and leak in the box... I just threw them away, NO BIG DEAL!!! YAY ME!!! I OUTSMARTED THE JUICE POUCH AND NO ONE DIED, GOT SICK, OR GROSSED OUT!!! WOOHOO!! Where's my Nobel Prize?

May 3, 2013 11:59PM
Ok, its full of mold...  So is there a recall?  Or am I supposed to return what I just bought today to the store?   I dont want it.  And I really want my money back...
May 3, 2013 11:58PM
Look folks. I got news for you. If microorganisms can't grow in or eat something, than neither can your eukaryotic cells that comprise you entire body. You ever wonder why we have all this autoimmune disease and cancer. Take a good look at some of the food ingredients you ingest everyday. Over 30 ingredients in a loaf of bread. You should be much much more concerned about the chemicals in your food rather than microorganisms. I promise that mold is better for you than phosphates, nitrates, artificial colors, emulsifiers etc. I would gladly bite directly into a cultured patch of mold than eat or drink some of the chemical filled foods that are at my local grocery store. If you press you own juice for your kids and I was to come along and take a sample and then culture that sample. I would be able to grow all sorts of things. And that is the way it should be. Anything that is healthy and able to sustain life should contain microorganism. Anything that is dangerous and not able to support life will always be sterile. Now Kraft is actually going to make its product more dangerous by filling it with chemicals, so that you believe little Timmy is safe from microorganisms he is breathing in all day. Smart!
May 3, 2013 10:53PM
What does a person expect when they let a corporation feed you and your family...

Make your own food and drinks.. You will always know whats in it, besides the love and the pride of taking care of your family.
May 3, 2013 10:49PM
Well another favorite product bites the dust.
May 3, 2013 10:43PM
So they punctured a Capri Sun package, let it sit for three weeks, and then tested it for mold.  I would be more worried if they didn't find any! A true testament to natural ingredients!  If it was full of preservatives, it's shelf life would be forever.  But I agree with water being a better beverage.
May 3, 2013 10:25PM
This just in...  There is bacteria in nearly all cheese, salami, yogurt, and even some forms of pickles.
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