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High School Yearbook Shows Picture of Graduating Girl Flashing Her Naked Crotch

Someone please tell her that is not what colleges mean by “entrance exam”

By Jeremy Greenberg May 25, 2012 12:56AM

Remember when a wild senior stunt was greasing a goat and letting it loose in the main hall? Well, apparently, these days if you want your classmates to remember you, you’ve got to really show ‘em something. And that something for one particular North Carolina teenage girl is her bare vagina. During her graduation she lifted her gown right as the cameras were flashing. Now you can only buy her high school yearbook from behind the counter at a liquor store.


As a parent, I have two competing thoughts. First of all, I think this young woman is going to regret allowing her vagina to give the school’s commencement speech. I don’t care if it was voted Most Popular. Our socially networked world is much smaller than at any time in history. She’s one tagged photo and one “like” away from this crotch shot following her for the rest of her life. Good luck being accepted by the Master Gardeners now.

But on the other side, this act of vagilism shows that women have made progress in becoming equally as moronic as teenage boys. Teenage guys have been mooning the world ever since they realized their butts would fit outside the windows of moving cars. If society is going to devolve into a real life American Pie sequel, it is nice to see that men and women will enter the gates of hell on equal footing.

My sincere hope for this young woman is that this embarrasses her back into a right state of mind. She’s still young. She can blame her parents having to work late on her need for attention. She could even say she was drunk. It wouldn’t be the first time a high school girl successfully played the booze card. Above all, she can still go on to live a life that doesn’t involve clever ways to pick up dollar bills. She might even find what she was really looking for by getting naked.

What is your favorite high school graduation memory?

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Jun 17, 2013 3:14PM
Wonder if she passed her final anatomy exam... honestly, who really cares anymore? It used to be some things were a mystery; now that most of the mystery of the " feminine mystique" is gone, along with it went most of the magic & excitement of love and sexual delight. All a lot of kids know anymore is the sexual attraction and so little about real love. Glad I grew up when I did.
Jun 5, 2012 6:01PM
Leave it to Greenburg to try and create news when there is none.  At least we get to hear his opinions about girls these days.  What a tool.
Jun 1, 2012 7:46PM
If you do a little research into this picture you will find that this girl did not actually flash her goods at graduation. Sadly it seems no one taught her how a lady is supposed to sit when wearing a dress, but in the uncensored, unedited picture she is sitting with her legs open at the knee, holding a program that is similar in color to her gown. The gown is parted in the middle and the camera is at such an angle that you can see up her skirt, but the only thing exposed is her thigh. Once censored the edge of the program she is holding makes it look like she is holding her gown up, but she is not.
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