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Who wears short shorts? This dad.

One dad tries to teach his Daisy Duke-wearing teen daughter a fashion lesson and becomes a Tumblr celebrity.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Sep 12, 2013 11:36PM

Cue the teen eye-rolling.

One Utah dad decided to play modesty police when his teen daughter, Myley, wouldn’t change out of her “slutty” shorts for a family outing, reports the Deseret News.

When the teen insisted upon wearing inappropriate cutoffs, Scott Mackintosh cut his own jeans into a similarly skimpy fashion. Myley snapped a photo of her short short-wearing father and posted it to Tumblr. The father of seven has since become an Internet sensation and poster papa for dress code-enforcing parents everywhere.

Scott Mackintosh in his Daisy Dukes (m-yley via tumblr, aka.ms/m-yley)

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“I simply did this in hopes that my daughter would know of my great love for her and that she knows of her great worth,” Scott Mackintosh told the Deseret News. “Now that it has gone viral, I hope that young women everywhere understand their great worth. I will look like an idiot any day if that point gets across."

Mackintosh published his side of the story on his wife's blog, Becky Mack’s Blog of Mild Chaos.

Read the complete story on Deseret News here.

Tell us: What do you think of this dad’s creative statement?

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Sep 20, 2013 3:16AM
Have you seen the daughter? Looks like a tramp to me.
Sep 19, 2013 9:25PM

Quite possibly the BEST way to get the message across to his daughter. Way to go Dad!!

Sep 19, 2013 7:30AM
From his blog: "Modest is hottest," LOL! Had that phrase drilled into me while I was growing up. Sure enough, they're Mormon.

Well, that was certainly one unforgettable lesson for your daughter, Scott!
Sep 14, 2013 7:22PM
That is the coolest thing EVER! You go, Dad! Wonder if he will be sporting a thong out the top soon!!
Sep 14, 2013 4:04AM
Way to go Dad!!!!  We need more Dad's to take an interest in their girls.  Maybe we could start a new trend, where young ladies don't show all the assets in the beginning.  Hope your daughter got the message.  She's a lucky girl to have a father that cares enough to do ridiculous things in order to prove a point.  GREAT JOB!!! 
Sep 14, 2013 12:03AM
Sep 13, 2013 11:44PM
He gets my vote for "Dad of the Year."
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