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High school girls hold 'no makeup day'

Students promote 'true beauty.'

By Parenting Magazine Nov 28, 2012 4:29PM

By Jacki at Babytalk

Middle and high school can be tough years for teenage girls and their developing self-confidence.

Photo: Courtesy Fox 11 NewsThree girls from New London High School in Wisconsin recently started a campaign to boost the spirits of their peers and get them to embrace themselves. Created by juniors Caitlin Schmidt, Cambria Fitzgerald and Jenna Mytton, the True Beauty Campaign began as an assignment for their enterprise marketing class and developed into much more.

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Their mission: to make all girls love their natural beauty instead of chasing some impossible standard of beauty. True Beauty’s most recent function was No Makeup Day, held at school on Nov. 15. Some 300 girls at New London pledged not to wear makeup for the entire day, and 100 boys pledged to support their efforts.

It was a schoolwide event, inspiring girls of all grades to let their natural beauty shine through. Girls were given stickers that said “Bare-Faced and Beautiful” and the boys were given stickers that said “I Dig Confidence.” They even sold T-shirts and bracelets to raise money for future events.

These girls have figured out what it means to be beautiful. Now, their confidence is inspiring the rest of the New London adolescent community.

How do you teach your children to embrace their natural beauty?

Photo: Courtesy Fox 11 News

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Nov 29, 2012 3:53AM
That's awesome! Now if only high school girls would stop tanning... I tanned when I was 15-18 years old,and stopped. Apparently this is rare,because every girl I've ever met that started never stopped. Not sure what is less attractive then a 25 year old that looks double their age because they literally fried their skin. My boyfriend prefers me makeup free and with my youthful white skin :)
Nov 29, 2012 3:47AM
True beauty come from the heart and is not always what you see on the out side . A girl can wear all kinds of makeup and have boob jobs plastic surgery fancy clothes fancy hair do's And that don't make them beauty full  inside .  Girls be your selves and let your true beauty shine through..
Nov 29, 2012 3:39AM
I like girls that go natural , They don't have to have boob work, make up . Cook them selves in tanning booths , I don't like girls that go fhonie you don't no whats real and whats phonie.I dont care for girls that dress and try to act like some one they are not. Girls just be your selves..
Nov 29, 2012 3:36AM
I would be interested to see if it turns into a contest of "who looks the best without makeup", which could hurt the self-esteem of those with acne problems that already have a lower self-esteem issue.
Nov 29, 2012 3:21AM
How refreshing to read something so positive.  It was a great idea - outstanding!
Nov 29, 2012 3:20AM
Unfortunately some of us don't feel beautiful bare because of skin problems.  I have always felt more confident with natural looking make-up because of acne and skin tone unevenness.  I wouldn't go anywhere without at least a little foundation on!  All through high school showing my bare skin would have caused more bullying than necessary!
But those who are proud of their skin by all means show it off!
Nov 29, 2012 2:33AM

I applaud their program as it shows everyone that they are confident women. Most guys I know prefer little or no makeup on their wives or girlfriends. Heavy makeup is a real turn-off and so fake looking.


The influence of Hollywood and Cosmo are over the top and make all women feel that they must look like models or guys won't like them. Most guys want a regular girl who enjoys being with them and doing an activity they both like....the best part is just being together!!

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