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Top baby name trends for 2013

Will we be deluged with a bunch of Baby Christian Greys?

With the recently released list of top baby names of 2012, we got to thinking ahead for the year to come. What's in store for us in 2013? Will there be an onslaught of Baby Katnisses, or perhaps Baby Biebers? We turned to the experts at Nameberry.com, who put together their best predictions for the coming year. Here's what they're guessing will be the big name-themes for 2013:

1. Biggest Big Picture Trend: Ancient Names
Movies like The Hunger Games have thrown to-be parents into naming frenzies with old-world gods/goddess-inspired monikers. Names like August, Maeve, Persephone, and yes, even Thor, are expected to be popularized next year.

Baby's feet

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2. Most Surprising Name Inspiration: Superstorm Sandy
No, people aren't likely to name their babies after horrible forces of mass destruction. That said, history shows that due to the repetition of the word 'Sandy,' we are more likely to use 'S' names and those with similar sounds, such as Sand, Sam, Alessandra, and even Storm.

3.  Trend Most Likely to Cross the Ocean: Lionine Names
Names like Leo and Leon are popular in Europe and are expected to become more so, here in the US. Leopold or Leona, anyone?

4. Coolest Middle Name Trend: Non-name Names
The idea of using a word as a middle name, as opposed to an actual name, is a concept revered by celebs, who've given their babies middle names like Ballerina and Bear. We just hope nobody else goes with 'Hashtag,' like this couple. Please, just...please, no.

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5. Hottest Trend Inspired by a Celebrity: Meaningful Place Names
Reese Witherspoon and her hubby went with 'Tennessee' for their baby boy - the birthplace of Reese's mother - which we love. Then there's Paris Jackson, or Chris Hemsworth's daughter, India. Wonder if anyone will go with Baby Saskatchewan?

6. Newest Retro Trend: Midcentury Nicknames
The popularity of Mad Men has driven an increase in 'grandma/grandpa' type retro names, like Hank and Hal. We sort of love Baby Minnie, ourselves.

7. Ethnic Name Group Most Likely to Rise: Scandinavian
Could the popular Siri, of iPhone fame, have inspired a rise in Scandinavian options for the coming year? It's possible, say the folks at Nameberry. They also suggest others such as Kai (a favorite of any Lego Ninjago fan), Astrid, Magnus and Axel.

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8. Name Trend That’s Jumped the Shark: Double L Names
Names that have a double-L sound, such as Lily, Lila and Lola may indeed be passé for 2013. We won't be too upset if baby Lollipop doesn't trend.

9. Freshest Botanical Names: Wildflowers
Out with Rose, in with Poppy. We love the trend toward fresh wildflower names, also including Clover and Thistle. Just steer clear of Baby Ragweed, expectant parents, and we'll all be ok.

10. Coolest Direction in Naming: North
Seasonal names are big, especially those with a cooler edge, like Winter, Snow, and Frost, particularly as middle names.

For more trends in baby names, check out the Nameberry piece here.

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Jul 13, 2013 11:09PM
I think a name should be chosen carefully, what's cute at 6 mo. to 5 yrs. may be a hassle when the child goes to school. OTHER KIDS are not always nice...and pick up very quickly on a "different" name, or a set of intials that spell a word or nickname that's hurtfull or embarrassing to a 5 yr old.  It's true that parents usually want a "uinique" name for their most precious possession...but TRULY consider the future of WHAT the name sounds like to other people...and what some of the definitions of the name other people will come up with. Everyone has thier own ideas about WHAT to name thier child...and that's the parents perogative...but ALWAYS,ALWAYS think of your child's feelings when confronted with a very distinctive name...and having to live with it for the rest of thier life.
Jan 22, 2013 5:54PM
These are awful suggestions....Leo Bear or Poppy Frost.....ugh...please no.  Sorry children.  You can blame my generation for your embarrassment in school.
Dec 5, 2012 10:58PM
I think my bulldog's name would make a good child name:  Dammit.
Dec 5, 2012 10:32PM
My daughters name is Alessandra and its ivery unique and pretty.

Dec 5, 2012 9:47PM
Dec 5, 2012 9:40PM

Parents have always gone for trendy names.

Mabel, Ruth, Gertrude, Agnes, Ralph, Vernon were trendy at one time too.

Then it was Shirley, Margaret, Carol, Evelyn, Edward, and Charles.

When I was a kid it was Steven, William, Patrick, Mark, Susan, Debbie, and Bob.

Then when my kids were born everyone had to name their kids Jason, Jessica, Jacob, and Joshua.

People haven't changed, just the trendy names.

Dec 5, 2012 9:16PM

I'm going with...


... Languish  (to be neglected or deprived)


as my top name for 2013.



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