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Kidnapper abducts 5-year old child from school

Na'illa Robinson was found alive, but why aren't our kids safer at school?

A missing 5-year-old girl has been found in Philadelphia, but it's the fact that Na'illa Robinson was allowed to be abducted straight out of her classroom that has us asking - AGAIN - why aren't our kids kept safe while in school?

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, we've all be on high alert. Neighbors getting together to discuss their local school's security measures and how they could be improved upon. We've all been questioning why some local schools have great technology - including handprint scanning - required for any adults who enter, while others let people walk right in without saying a word. Where are the nationwide policies that will keep our children safe?

Courtesy Amber Alert

In the case of Na'illa Robinson, local police say that a stranger, dressed in a black burqa, showed up at Bryant Elementary School early Monday morning claiming that she was there to pick up Na'illa. The woman used a fake name -- Tiffany -- to get the little girl out of the building, and no one bothered to check in with the 5-year-old's parents. Na'illa's parents weren't even aware their daughter was missing until the school day was over.

Somehow, Na'illa escaped and was found on a playground this morning wearing nothing but a t-shirt in the freezing weather. Local police are investigating and searching for her abductors.

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Image via Amber Alert

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