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Cyber-bullying mom banned from Facebook

A New York State judge banned a mother from posting anything about her kids on Facebook after she made an obscene comment about her 10-year-old son.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Feb 25, 2013 8:11PM

Social media has made it possible for parents to share every single detail of their kids’ lives. While it’s cute to see snaps from the school play, people generally don’t want to hear the play-by-play of potty training or how Johnny had to go to the pediatrician because there were green boogers flowing out of his nose, quips one Orlando mom.

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“The worst is when parents ‘shame’ their kids on Facebook,” says the Orlando mom who has seen parents post drawings done by their preschoolers that look a bit pornographic. Posting silly photos is one thing, but public humiliation is akin to cyber-spanking.

So what happens when one mom takes to Facebook to call her emotionally-disturbed 10-year-old son an “a-----e?” A New York judge bans her from posting anything about her kids on Facebook reports The Stir.  Zip, zero, nada.

The woman identified as “Melody M.” told the court she wrote the insult about her son because that’s what “he is,” reports NYDailyNews.com.

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“Charitably stated, her testimony reflected a lack of insight as to the nature of her conduct toward her oldest child,” an upstate appeals court said Feb. 14.

The court found that Melody used Facebook to “insult and demean the child” and barred her from “posting any communications to or about her children on any social network site.”

Do you have friends who overshare or shame their kids on Facebook?

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Photo: Mom banned from Facebook / Biddiboo/Getty Images

Feb 26, 2013 12:59AM
If that's what he is then what kind of a mother is she?
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