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7 things parents blame on teachers

Calling all annoying parents! Here's what parents like to blame on teachers when usually it’s usually their own fault.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Apr 4, 2013 9:20PM

Sure, there are some bad teachers out there. But, by and large, the men and women who care for and teach our children are rock-star awesome in our book. Think about how challenging it is to parent one or two little ones -- and then multiply that by 20 or more.

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“Teachers rock because they are able to make 60 decisions a minute, all while sipping cold coffee, helping children overcome problems in reading and subtraction with regrouping, and filling out about a million forms in triplicate,” Michelle Howell-Martin was quoted as saying on MLive.com.

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A teacher’s job is hard enough without having to deal with annoying parents. Over at The Stir, writer Julie Ryan Evans took a look at seven things parents like to blame on teachers when usually they should be pointing the finger elsewhere.

Kevin Dodge/Getty Images

Here are the seven things parents blame on teachers, according to The Stir:

1. Poor grades.

If a child isn't doing well on assignments, it's very rarely because the teacher doesn't like him or is out to get her, or anything else subjective.

2. The need for extra assistance.

The fact is not every child is a genius, and some will be stronger in certain subjects than others.

3. Getting into trouble.

Chances are, if your kid is getting into trouble a lot, he is the problem, not the teacher.

4. Their choice of friends (or lack of friends).

If you've ever tried to choose your child's friends for her, you know how well that works.

5. Moodiness when they come home from school.

Some kids get overwhelmed by keeping it together at school all day, then release when they're home in a familiar environment.

6. They haaaaaaate school.

Teachers can certainly make it more or less enjoyable, but the bottom line is that kids are there to learn, not to be entertained, and that lesson needs to start at home with messages about the importance of education.

7. Lack of individual attention and enrichment activities.

The best schools and classes have the support of involved parents who step in to assist teachers with such activities.

Read the whole story at The Stir.

Have you blamed a teacher for anything or seen other parents guilty of this act?

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Apr 9, 2013 9:56PM
wow I read this article a couple of days ago and really could not believe the stupidity of it but now, I am even more speechless, with the comments . I am a parent and my child is now in high school . I have never, ever, blamed anyone for my childs  behavior. He is my responsibility. if, he acts up it is my responsibility to redirect him or inform the teachers as to what works or doesn't work. I have never turned down a request for a teacher conference. I have gone before school starts or after school ended or even during a work day . Don't get me wrong, I am not asking for praise, i'm only saying i knew what i signed up for when the little stick turned blue.  Am i the cause for my son's behavior probably, do i have all the answers to stop him from doing right or wrong of course not, and if anyone says i should i welcome them to my home to show me how.( then we can go on dr phil and show everyone else how) parenting is not a science, it is a practice, and with all good practices there are failures and successes. As for teachers and public schools. I have not met very many that i care for, i don't think they are super or wonderful, i think they are like me they knew the job when they took it. The only difference is they can and for some they should walk away. i don't expect balloons and a parade when my son gets to school, but i do expect a courteous, professional adult who also is willing to give what he/she expects from my son
Apr 9, 2013 1:26AM
My mom always said everyone needs to be a teacher, a waitress, and a nurse assistant at least once in their life.
Apr 9, 2013 1:15AM
When I taught elementary music, every parent/teacher conference, a classroom teacher would ask me to attend because a parent refused to believe their child would have this bad behavior. They often would say the teacher was "picking on " their child. They wanted me there to confirm the bad behavior was in my class as well. Before I started teaching, I admit I've made those kind of mistakes with my own children. Trust me, you don't know your child like you think you do!
Apr 5, 2013 7:47AM



Just a few antidotes about the teachers in my city in the state of CT who earn the highest pay in the state (along with a cushy retirement that we pay for).


When I was told by my daughter's fourth grade teacher "I don't worry about spelling, that is what 'spell-check' is for",  the horrified look on my face was probably missed because I spilled my water....


Another great quote by my son's fourth grade teacher "Spelling is not as important as getting your point across.  As long as they can get their story told/paper written" it is "okay".


To make it even worse, spelling tests were checked by the students themselves!  (they switched papers with each other).  Great, kids who couldn't SPEAK English were now CORRECTING spelling tests of English words... 


Needless to say, my son learned absolutely nothing that year - in fact, it set the whole class back a whole year in all subjects.

Apr 5, 2013 5:18AM
Most of the time it's the parents and their lack of parenting.
Apr 5, 2013 4:17AM
Just maybe if we bring God back things would get better, things when down hill after he was removed......
Apr 5, 2013 4:04AM
With the help of the federal government the United States was doing a very good job of educating America's students until Ronald Regan came along and destroyed the federally assisted education programs.

Now we have the privatization of public schools along with charter schools that allow many of them to turn away some students, teach questionable programs, and even pay teachers less than the meager salaries they already receive.

We also have the crazy notion to run schools and treat teachers and students like machines. Everything based on test scores, including a teachers job, salary, bonuses, etc. Blame the teacher if the test score doesn't go up. Apparently it doesn't matter if the child is immature, unable to pay attention, poorly behaved, doesn't do the work, frequently absent, and the parents can't even get their own child to complete their work at home. Yes, by all means,  blame the teacher.

Then of course we have the comparison of American schools to other schools in industrialized countries. Of course they don't tell you that in many other countries the students are put into groups, such as the lower achievers and the higher college bound achievers. Our test scores are inclusive of all students, but the test scores we are compared to are often only scores of high achievers. Also many of the countries of industrialized countries make sure their schools have all the personnel and money teaching children require. America's schools are financed by the tax structure of the state and area you live in. It's called inequality.

Then of course you have a teacher like my brother. Dedicated and putting in 50 to 60 hours a week. He frequently take on the "hard to handle" and the low achievers. Do you really think his classroom test scores show that? He spends six hours of every Sunday working in his classroom. Spends about $500 a year of his own money for things the school can't afford. Donates his free time to school activities. He couldn't support his family on his salary so he started a janitorial business on the side working evenings and weekends. Seven years of college and he found he could make more money cleaning toilets than he could as a teacher. He has now reached the maximum salary for his school district at $63,000 a year

As long as corporate America controls the pimps that run government we will have inequality in education, and yes, the teachers and the schools will continue to be blamed for things they have no control over.

Apr 5, 2013 3:50AM

Online public school for all ages :)

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