Mother and baby on Mother's Day (Courtesy of The Knot )

Now more than ever, moms are opting for a day away from the kids, free from all mommy duties. So which is better? Moms seem totally split in their stances.

Make it about you

"I wouldn't mind being able to try and sleep in this year!" -- Heather B.

"If you think about it for a moment, it's supposed to be a celebration for the mother and not necessarily the kids. So there is no point to going to the zoo with them or making them happy -- Mother's Day should be the other way around!" -- Suzanne T.
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"You should be able to have time for yourself. Maybe your husband can plan something for just the two of you, like a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, or something romantic at home. Send the kids to sleep with someone else, so you can have an adult night!" -- manandwife33

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"I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I spend every waking hour with my kid. I love him to bits but I think Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to have a day off, doing whatever I want. Otherwise it's just like any other day. If it was truly my day, I'd want my husband and son out of the house so I could finally have some 'me time!' It's the one day a year that we're supposed to be rewarded for the other 364 days we mother. I don't think changing diapers and cleaning up messes and spills is the way to say 'Thanks for being a great mom!'" -- Betsy B.

"I would love a day off. If I got to choose any gift for myself, that would be it." -- jadalynn987