As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we MSN Living editors got to talking about our plans. Some of us will spend the holiday with family, others with friends, and some are opting to tackle other tasks that day entirely, happily spending the day solo. Regardless of the company we keep, there are things we all love to do on Turkey Day, like watching the big game, making pumpkin pie, checking out the Black Friday ads, and, as one staffer so eloquently put it, "rolling around clutching my stomach, wishing I hadn't eaten so much."

We asked our fans on Facebook about their own Thanksgiving traditions and here's what they shared.

Thanksgiving dinner(Ross Durant Photography, Getty Images)

Yep, That Movie Again
"At dinner, we go around the table saying what we are thankful for. And after dinner, we watch Planes, Trains & Automobiles - [we] do this every year. covering the kids' ears when the swear words come on. We have watched it so many times we know it by heart." -- Terri Dahlheimer Rolland, East Bethel, MN

"We save all the bones from the turkey and then put the skeleton back together, working it like a jigsaw puzzle laid out on a card table in the corner. It doesn't always end up looking museum-ready - we're usually missing a few bones, and the ones we do have don't always get stuck back in the right spot - but it is always a fun process and an interesting result." -- Rebecca Jay, Henderson, NV

Gratefully Yours, Turkeys Everywhere
"We hunt in the morning; deer, etc. We usually get together to do dinner instead. When we do grace at dinner, we all hold hands in a big circle and have a moment of silence after the prayer (usually because the guests are shocked to be included in the circle)." -- Elizabeth B Lowndes, Charleston, SC