Mom cleaning with crying baby // Secrets to Getting It All Done(Photo: Comstock \ The Bump)

"I have a weekly to-do list. It helps me put one chore, one fun thing and time to exercise on one day's schedule. When I finish a task, I delete it. It's fun to delete things!" -- AndreaB.

"I have a wonderful husband who helps, and I don't get out that much, hah!" -- Adeline C.

"Everything gets done during naptime or after the kids go to bed." -- Jessica G.

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"I just do one thing a day. One day, I'll do the laundry; one day, I'll vacuum, etc. If it gets done, great. If not, oh well." -- Marcela K.

"I just keep myself moving! I also declutter as much as possible. I don't always get it all done, but being organized has been the biggest step in the right direction for me." -- Brittany M.

"I encourage my two-year-old and four-year-old to clean up after they're finished with everything. Also, I don't say no to people helping me with my newborn -- like my mother. And I have a part-time babysitter." -- Alexis M.

"After I learned about babywearing, I finally managed to vacuum my whole house at once!" -- Lisa S.

"I have a lot of sticky notes on the fridge -- it's just as satisfying to pull down and crumble a sticky as it is to cross something off a list." -- Natalie S.

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"I bought a planner, spread out everything I have to do over the week and have decided it's going to be okay if some of the things don't get done." -- Jennifer M.

"I stick to a strict sleeping schedule for baby and plan everything else around it. I plan out my day every morning, and if I don't get to everything, I add it to my list for the next day. I also have a great little helper who is learning to clean up her toys and help with the dishes and laundry." -- Tane S.