How to expect change in a relationship (Photo: Getty Images \ The Bump)

While we were expecting tons of dads to say, "Sex? What's that?" and plenty did (that's a direct quote from one of them), we were totally surprised by some of the candid confessions we got! From the good -- pure joy -- to the bad -- lack of sleep -- these dads aren't holding back when it comes to talking about what's changed in their lives since baby came along.

1. It's a more grown-up relationship.
"The reality of family finally hit us. Our second baby made us mature and really begin thinking of the other person and how to help them." -- johnnyjay44

"We are both more confident -- as people, friends, lovers, parents." -- dad2b

2. Their wives are more absent -- and they miss them.
"My wife? Have you seen her? Haha!" -- lovemylittleguys

3. Quality time together is nonexistent.
"We only talk about our daughter and our sleeping arrangements...our time together has lessened." -- yanksfan2

4. Some roles have been reversed.
"Now I'm the one who's always doing dishes, vacuuming or cooking." -- prepping4baby

5. Sex isn't as frequent -- but it can still be as good as, and maybe even better than, before.
"We're having less sex!" -- jamesdad

"We share a lot more responsibility and I would definitely say more intimacy, as we appreciate our time alone a lot more." -- 88giants80

6. They feel like they're finally getting this marriage thing right.
"It has made my wife and I grow stronger and forced us to develop teamwork." -- prouDad45

"One thing I noticed on the positive is that we tend to argue about the little things a lot less. Who has time/energy to argue?" -- chitowndad

"We've gotten better at taking turns...sleeping, eating, cleaning, holding the baby -- a lot of emphasis on being equitable." -- puertoricanpop

7. They believe this is the ultimate test.
"Everything changes. Sex life, conversations, time spent together. Kids change your routine, and it's when your relationship is truly tested." -- luckyguydad

8. They've fallen in love with their partners all over again.
"I didn't think it was possible, but I fall more in love with my wife with every baby that we have together." -- babyontheway77

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