Baby Feet\"10 Biggest New-Mom Surprises (and How to Deal)"\Photo: Thinkstock \ The Bump

No matter how many books you read or how prepared you feel, babies have their own special way of throwing you for a loop. From your breastfeeding troubles and postpartum bleeding to baby’s colic and indecipherable crying, we asked Bumpies to give it to us straight on their most unexpected, unforgettable moments as a new parent.

The surprise: Breastfeeding isn’t always easy.

"No one prepared me for how hard breastfeeding was or how much it was going to hurt. I even took a class, and the woman basically sugarcoated it. Someone should have just given it to me straight. That's what I do now for anyone who asks me about it." -- Jen1231

How to deal: If you’re not getting the hang of breastfeeding right away, don’t beat yourself up. Despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t always come so naturally. And whether baby’s not latching right or you can’t seem to boost your milk supply, there are tons of potential frustrations -- and they’re all totally normal. But before you throw in the towel, make sure you’ve read up on possible solutions to your breastfeeding problems; you may find that a small change to your routine is a real lifesaver. It’s also important to realize that you’re not alone. Head to breastfeeding boards, chat with other new mamas or join a support group like La Leche League International for advice.

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The surprise: Most newborn clothes will go to waste.

"The biggest surprise for me was how quickly my son grew in those first couple of months. Unfortunately, there were many clothes that got little to no wear." -- JesykaC21

How to deal: Yep, despite all the sleep deprivation and constant exhaustion, those first couple months sure do fly by. And the likelihood that baby will get a decent run out of every newborn outfit in his closet? Pretty slim. Here’s a tip: Don’t go crazy registering for or buying up tons of adorable outfits in newborn sizes. And whatever you do, don’t go nuts with newborn shoes either (cute as they are). Baby will likely spend a lot of those first three months in and out of onesies instead of fancy outfits, and you’ll be changing him so much thanks to spit-up and diaper mishaps that most of them will hardly see the light of day.

The surprise: Newborns poops are noisy.

"The way a newborn poops really surprised me. It's this explosive sound, which often made my husband and I laugh. I had no idea such a tiny little thing could make such a noisy mess!" -- sakidavi

How to deal: Noisy, smelly and, yes, sometimes explosive, newborn poops are certainly not for the weak-stomached. But hey, it’s all part of the job. Something else to keep in mind: Baby’s poop will be pretty liquidy in that newborn stage, meaning it won’t take much to send it flying. Our advice? Always carry a change of baby clothes.

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The surprise: Going back to work is hard.

"I was not at all prepared for the separation depression I felt (and still feel) about working. Work has always been a big part of my life. I loved my job. But now I wish I could spend every day with my son. We can’t afford for me to stay home and I still can’t believe I even want to, but I dream about it." -- amr

How to deal: Heading back to work is rough on every mama, and missing the little guy when you’re away can be overwhelming. But it does get easier. Before you head back to work, make sure you set up a child care situation that makes you 100 percent comfortable, whether it’s a live-in nanny, a day care system, or a friend or relative. Then do what you can to stay in the loop during the day by asking your nanny to give you certain updates or calling the day care periodically to check in. Keeping the lines of communication open will make you feel less disconnected from baby.