Couple with Baby\"Annoying things almost all parents say"\Photo: Veer \ The Bump

Whether that is to let baby sleep in his swing, give a toddler a time-out or hand over a germy iPhone to your teething baby to gnaw on (seriously, it’s the only thing that soothes her!), every parent ends up doing something they swore they would never do. So don’t get all high and mighty.

“I know, I know.”
When baby cries, you sympathize, so you say you know. But really, 85 percent of the time, you’ve got no idea what’s wrong. And that’s totally okay. The only person you’re annoying is yourself.

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“Okay, now take your blankie and your doggie to the cribbie, and we’ll say nightie night.”
Putting “ie” on the end of almost every word and using baby talk are things your prebaby self would have never done. Yet, you do it anyway -- incessantly. You just can’t help it.

“Use your words.”
This is the classic thing to say when a toddler gets frustrated in trying to get his point across. He hasn’t mastered how to eat linguine yet, let alone grasp the English language. Plus, doesn’t a simple, “Tell me what’s wrong,” suffice?

“He/She is advanced.”
She can count to 30 in English and Spanish. He can rattle off the names of the last five presidents. Your toddler is definitely ahead of the curve in some ways, but your friends see this as a shameless brag. And don’t ignore some of the other things he can do -- like stuff Play-Doh up his nose. Not so advanced.

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“Oh great. That’s baby friendly!”
No, your friend did not plan her birthday party wine tour or a bachelorette party at the local beer garden so that your newborn could attend.