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  • Conde Nast Traveler

    2014′s best family-friendly hotels

    From a cozy-chic hotel by the seashore in Los Angeles that doubles as a home away from home to a nature-lover’s tropical paradise in Costa Rica, each of these properties is a family-friendly in its own special way.

  • Veer

    Want successful kids? Do this instead

    What are we teaching our children when we focus on their achievements rather than their kindness?

  • Infertility fact

    7 facts you didn't know about infertility

    Discover the seemingly insignificant things that can affect your chances of getting pregnant.

  • Getty Images

    Answers for dads for tricky kid questions

    A few suggested answers for the diciest questions

  • Women Drinking Coffee\"7 Worst Things Moms Have Said to Each Other (and How to Reply!)"\Photo: Thinkstock \ The Bump

    7 worst things moms have said to each other

    Other moms can be ruthless when it comes to picking apart your parenting choices. From dissing your decision to go back to work to criticizing when you started baby on solids, here are the most ridiculous comments moms have heard. Bonus, we’ve got just the right way to respond to the haters! You’re welcome.

  • Patterned Dresses/”Spring maternity looks for $50 or less”/ Photo: Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump

    Spring maternity looks for $50 or less

    Nope, you don’t have to spend the next nine months in black elastic-waist pants and oversize sweaters. And you don’t have to shell out a fortune on your “temporary” wardrobe either. Check out these stylish and affordable maternity clothes.

  • Courtesy Stephen Marche

    Why fatherhood matters

    Because society crumbles without us

  • Baby in a bouncer

    10 things a new mom can't live without

    As a new mom, you’ve recently discovered there are many things you can live without—sleep and modesty being chief among them. But what can’t you live without? Seasoned moms share their Top 10 list for how to survive the early months of motherhood.

  • 28 ways to teach your kids to love their bodies (Courtesy of YourTango)

    28 ways to teach your kids to love their bodies

    Here are our experts' best tips for how to be a positive role model for your kids so that they grow up healthy, strong and confident about the way they look.

  • Parents fighting with child nearby

    Is your unhappy marriage hurting your kids?

    The center of the family is your relationship; not the children.

  • Cell phone in bed

    12 ways to have a great morning

    Transform your mornings from grumpy to great by following these 12 simple steps. (Singing in the shower is highly encouraged.)

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