Before baby  (Courtesy of The Nest)

Purchase your dream car.
You might have to trade it in when the baby arrives: if it’s the dream car we’re thinking of, there won’t be room for a baby seat (or a “Baby on Board” sign for that matter). But, go on, have some fun in your cool car now and worry about the minivan later.

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Decide whether you want to be a SAHM.
Think you might want to stay home with your baby? Explore whether you can make your lifestyle work on one salary. If you decide that being a SAHM is right for you, build up your savings. Kids are the ultimate money pit.

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Address any problems in your relationship.
Is someone overspending? Staying out all night with friends? Drinking milk straight from the carton? Now is the time to work out every point of contention in your marriage before the extra stress of parenthood.

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Be spontaneous.
Go out of town on a moment’s notice. Meet up for drinks with friends on a Tuesday just because it’s...Tuesday. Once you have a kid, planning (not spontaneity) will be the new name of the game.

Invite a friend’s child (or your niece) to spend the night.
Consider it a preview for what’s to come. The good news if things go badly? You can give this kid back in the morning.

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Get rid of the clutter.
Your shoes, bags and random knick-knacks aren’t going to magically organize themselves. So get all that clutter under control before your little mess maker moves in.

Relocate to your dream city.
Savannah or San Francisco, Memphis or Minneapolis, the Big Apple or the Big Easy? Take that leap and establish yourself in a new place.