A new report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature reveals more than two dozen species of monkeys, langurs, lemurs and gorillas that researchers say are on the brink of extinction due to deforestation and illegal trafficking.

Among the most threatened was the northern sportive lemur: It's believed that only 19 are left in the wild in Madagascar.

most endangered primates(Image: Rondo dwarf galago Conservation International)


Rondo dwarf galago - Tanzania
Roloway monkey - Ivory Coast & Ghana
Bioko red colobus - Equatorial Guinea
Tana River red colobus - Kenya
Grauer's gorilla - Democratic Republic of Congo
Madame Berthe's mouse lemur -Madagascar
Sclater's black lemur or Blue-eyed black lemur - Madagascar
Red ruffed lemur - Madagascar
Northern sportive lemur - Madagascar
Silky sifaka -Madagascar
Indri - Madagascar

Pygmy tarsier - Indonesia
Javan slow loris - Indonesia
Simakobu or Pig-tailed snub-nosed langur - Indonesia
Delacour's langur - Vietnam
Golden-headed langur or Cat Ba langur - Vietnam
Western purple-faced langur - Sri Lanka
Grey-shanked douc monkey -Vietnam
Tonkin snub-nosed monkey - Vietnam
Cao-Vit or Eastern black-crested gibbon -China, Vietnam

South America
Variegated or Brown spider monkey - Colombia, Venezuela
Ecuadorian brown-headed spider monkey - Ecuador
Ka'apor capuchin monkey - Brazil
San Martín titi monkey - Peru
Northern brown howler monkey - Brazil

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