Moses the elephant was just a few weeks old when he was found orphaned in Malawi in February, but the national parks there didn't have the funds to raise him. So Jenny Webb, the founder of the Jumbo Foundation, an orphanage for large animals, took him in.

Moses the baby elephant snuggles with his adoptive mom(Photo: AP)

Now the 7-½-month-old boy sleeps on a mattress in the dining room with Webb. And just like with a human newborn, Webb has to get up about every two hours at night to give Moses -- who tips the scales at 220 pounds -- a bottle.

He loves to snuggle with Webb, and he socializes with her dogs.

"We think of elephants as big, strong creatures but they are very emotional," said Webb. "Moses picks up on my feelings. If I am sad, he is nurturing. If I am angry, he quickly gets upset."

-- AP via Today

Photo: AP //Moses the baby elephant snuggles with his adoptive mom.